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Where to buy PC Monitor Online in Nigeria?

A monitor or a display (also called screen or visual display unit) is an electronic visual display for computers. The monitor comprises the display device, circuitry and an enclosure. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display thin panel, while older monitors use a cathode ray tube about as deep as the screen size. At Jumia, our PC monitors feature colour calibration solution, screen split, dual link-up, stereo speaker and various inches of screen display. We ensure that your home and office is equipped with the best monitors to handle all your computing needs. No matter the size, we have got you covered with a large selection of PC monitor from top brands. Get your desktop computer and other computing accessories from our online shop.

Computer Monitors Available at Best Prices

Originally, computer monitors were used for data processing while television receivers were used for entertainment. From the 1980s onwards, computers (and their monitors) have been used for both data processing and entertainment, while televisions have implemented some computer functionality. In 1981, IBM introduced the Colour Graphics Adapter, which could display four colours with a resolution of 320 by 200 pixels. Get your bright computer monitors at Jumia, that are intuitive multi-touch capability with superb picture quality, multiple connectivity options and long term reliability with slim sleek design that will perform your needs very well. We not only have PC monitor, but also quality laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, notebooks and more at the best price in Nigeria.