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Phone Screen Protectors

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Why using screen protectors is important?

The smartphones today are expensive. When you’ve invested too much in your phone you wouldn’t even imagine it being scratched or broken. The glass screen of your cell phone is highly vulnerable to distortion. For this reason, it is mandatory to use cell phone screen protectors. Not only are these used as a cover on your phones, they are also used to protect screens of other gadgets, including tablets, laptops, etc. There are various benefits of using a screen protector. Not only does it prevents the UV damage, it also enhances privacy and glare reduction. The screen is also protected from getting blur, when you run your fingers on the device.

Buy screen protectors online from Jumia.

There are different coatings on the screen protector that can protect your smartphones. With the advancement in technology, screen protectors today have innovative designs, features and styles. They not only shield your cellphone from any damage, but also improve the aesthetics of your phone by keeping the screen clean and transparent. You can buy screen protector online in Nigeria from Jumia, where these are available in a wide variety. Screen protectors in Nigeria are made of different materials and are often custom-constructed so that they fit perfectly on each smartphone screen. Whether you are buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 screen protector or an iPhone 5 screen protector, each phone has its own screen protector, based on the width, length and thickness of the phone. The prices of screen protectors are offered at reasonable rates at Jumia.

Types of screen protectors for your phones.

A thin, transparent piece of film, screen protector is applied on the screen of your smartphones to ensure safety and protection. Due to technological advancement, these are easier to apply on phones and have various functions. There are different types of screen protectors having different features and utility. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

PET screen protectors: Polyethylene Terephthalate screen protectors are basically made of plastic. These protectors have a matte scratch resistant coating. They provide a clear vision to the screen and also have an anti-scratch layer added to the screen of your phone. affordable in affordability, these protectors are easily available and can be used in all types of phones.

TPU screen protectors: Thermoplastic Polyurethane screen protector is another type of plastic protector. It includes scratch resistance, increased toughness and elasticity. It also has transparency and a soft touch which enables it to absorb water droplets, and lighter scratches. These are better than PET protectors.

Tempered glass screen protectors: Since they are the most popular, tempered glass screen protectors are best material wise as well as quality wise. These protectors are multi-layered, having both shock-absorbent layer and PET film. The screen is optically clear as it contains oleophobic coating and tempered glass. They also have a compressed, thin sheet which ensures better light transmittance. These protectors are glare reducing and anti-reflective, also providing a smooth feel when you run your fingers over the glass.