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In the present day, there are thousands of gadgets being used by everyone around us. There are different types of smartphones, tablets and computers being used. Almost every device works on a battery which needs to get charged. Cell phones are one of the gadgets that consume the greatest battery time. It can get a little annoying to charge your phone again and again. No one has the time to sit near a switch and wait for their device to get charged. Everything these days’ is wireless and portability is the key. Power banks help charge devices wirelessly as these small devices work exactly like a charger. There are thousands of brands that have introduced their line of power banks. Samsung is one of the most trustworthy brands as it has been around for my years. There are different types of Samsung power banks that you can get according to your choice. Depending on your usage of the power bank, you can select the one that matches all your requirements. Jumia offers shoppers a massive collection of power banks in Nigeria at affordable prices. There are special discount deals on all types of electronics that Jumia offers. These discounts will reduce the overall Samsung power banks prices in Nigeria, making it possible for everything to purchase one for themselves.

Guide for Buying Samsung Power Banks

When you decide to buy power banks online, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration. Keeping these tips in mind will help you in buying the best power banks.

Charging Time

Samsung rechargeable power banks need to be charged for a few hours or minutes before they can work. Just like any other device, these have a battery time which lasts for a few hours. One can easily charge their phone or tablet using the power bank. Samsung offers good battery timing for its line of power banks. Shoppers can select from a huge collection of power banks by Samsung online at Jumia. Depending on the gadget usage, you can select the type of power bank you need. For example, for people who live and breathe by their phone should definitely select one with the best battery timing.

Device Compatibility

A number of devices cannot be charged using a power bank because of a number of reasons. The compatibility with your gadget and power bank should be good. Samsung offers standard power banks that work with every model of phone or tablet.


The power bank’s voltage should be higher or equal to the voltage of the phone. Which means the current charger specification of your device should always be lower so that the power bank can work properly. If the phone’s voltage is higher, then the power bank will get overheated. Always check all the labels and description of the power banks before you get one. Jumia offers product specification which makes it easier for the shoppers to purchase their desired products. So go ahead and grab all your favourite Samsung products online at Jumia!