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Shaving and Grooming Products for Men

It is very important to have a nice and trimmed look which will benefit men and women in personal and professional life. There are a number of products required to shave and keep yourself groomed. There are several brands that have introduced grooming and shaving products for men in Nigeria. Jumia offers their buyers with a huge collection of products at affordable prices. Men can find all essential products for themselves at Jumia. When you are getting products for your skin like shaving creams and aftershave, it is important to look at the ingredients of the products. There might be few products that might not suit your skin type so one must be careful.

Types of Shaving and Grooming Items

There are a number of hair removal products that men and women can get for themselves. Women usually use wax strips, creams and other machines for hair removal. When it comes to shaving and grooming for men, following are the essential items needed;


There are different types of razors that shoppers can get for themselves. Straight razors were one of the earliest razors used in the 90s. These basically consist of a sharp blade that needs to get sharpened using a strop. Shaving cream must be used in order to avoid cuts and to allow the blade to travel smoothly on the face. The most commonly used one is a safety razor which men prefer over straight razors. The safety razors have 3 to 5 blades which help shave off facial hair. Electric shavers are also used by men which is a convenient way to shave because these do not require any shaving cream or even water. These save a lot of time and work well for trimming the beard or mustache. Some head shaving products also include razors and blades which are used to shave off hair.

Beard Trimmers

These trimmers are just like an electronic shaver but there are some extra features. One can change the blade size, these are also used as wet shaving products. The trimmers are used by men who want a neat and clean look every day, so instead of going to the barber, again and again, they can simply trim at home.

Nose Hair Trimmers

Men often face the problem of overgrown nose hair but they can easily be trimmed off by using a nose trimmer. These come in a number of sizes which the buyers can get according to their choice.


Small size scissors are essential to cut off extra hair which was not shaved by a razor or trimmer. These can also be used to cut nose and ear hair which is hard to shave.

Nail Clippers

Men do not have long nails and it looks extremely unprofessional to have long nails at work. Cut your nails by using nail clippers which are available in all size at Jumia.

Beard Oil

When you grow out your beard, it gets hard to reach the skin under the hair. It is important to use a nice beard oil to keep the skin hydrated and soft. The oil will penetrate into the skin keeping it healthy.

Shaving Gel

Shaving cream or gel is used to provide a smooth and slick surface for the blade to glide on the skin. The gel and cream prevents cuts and makes the whole process easier.