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Just like eyeglasses help you correct your vision, hearing aids are devices used to facilitate you in hearing. They do not improve your hearing ability, merely help you hear without difficulty in many situations. Wearing a hearing aid, your listening effort might reduce, affecting your mood in a positive way. Some are small in size, completely fitting into the ear while some are placed behind your ear delivering sound into your ear canal through the tubing. Some merely have tiny loudspeaker located near your ear canal. You can buy a variety of hearing aids in Nigeria online from Jumia where these are available with upgraded technology. These are both durable and reliable. Though their prices are based on the technology embedded in them, still they are offered at affordable rates at Jumia so that they are accessible to a large number of people.

Features of hearing aids

There are certain essential features present in a hearing aid. Due to the advancement of technology, these features ensure comfort and ease when wearing a hearing aid.

Directional microphone:

To listen to conversations in a noisy environment, there are two microphones present in a hearing aid. They provide information to the aid processor and analyze the sound. During extreme noise, back microphone reduces its sensitivity so that the noise level decreases from reaching the ear. There is also cyber sonic hearing aid available in the market, which reduces the noise level through high frequency.

Digital hearing:

Instead of having a hearing aid amplifier which converts sound into electrical energy and then back to sound through the receiver, we now have digital aids that convert sound energy into digital signals. These type of aids also contain a chip which helps in effective communication.

Multiple memories:

You can store multiple memories within a hearing aid and access them whenever you want. They help you listen to conversations in different environments. Some of the advanced aids are automatically adjusted to different environments such as watching TV, attending phone or chatting at a noisy café.

Bluetooth and wireless connectivity:

Using this technology, you are able to receive and send the sound transmission to various other devices having this technology. Any streaming device can transmit Bluetooth signal from smartphones or notebooks and directly transmit those signals to your hearing aids. Wireless devices also stream signals from TV or MP3 player into your hearing aid.

Volume and telephone adaption:

The increase or decrease in volume or sound clarity can automatically be adjusted within a hearing aid. They ensure different frequency for different sounds. Also, telephone or cell phone signals can directly be heard through your hearing aids. Presence of a telephone sensor in a hearing aid allows you to automatically receive and make calls. Such a rechargeable hearing aid is long-lasting.

Remote control:

Many hearing aids are operated through remote controls. You can easily change the volumes or programs in your hearing aid without touching it. These are used by those who lag behind in using technology.