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Buy light bulbs online from Jumia

Whether indoors or outdoors, light bulbs are used to provide maximum light to see clearly in the dark. Whether you want to retrieve something or just look clearly, these are important to place at anyplace. The size and shape of the bulb varies. This is the most important invention for humans which is used by all. These bulbs are also used in home decoration. These bulbs are also manufactured in various designs that will be suitable for different places. You can buy light bulbs online from Jumia which offers them in a huge variety. These bulbs are not only durable but reliable as well. Some of these are offered with one year warranty so that customers can easily buy them. These LED bulbs are also offered at affordable rates at Jumia so that a large number of people can buy them.

Get LED light bulbs for added brightness

LED bulbs are the new type of bulbs highly popular these days. Whether you want to do gardening at night or swim outdoors, these can be placed at the ideal location to provide maximum brightness to continue your activity. These lightbulbs are not only eco-friendly but also highly effective. These light bulbs also provide lower rate of heat emissions so they will be suitable to light in the summers too. Some are shaped like a conventional bulb while some are available in different designs and decorated with wood or metal to add to their appeal. Many of these lightbulbs are bought in contrast to the indoor as well as outdoor furniture. They have an array of coloured lightbulbs suitable for different types of environment. Mostly yellow and white are the commonly used colours for lightbulbs.

Essential features of LED lightbulbs

There are certain features present in the LED bulbs which enhance their performance and make them better than the incandescent bulbs. Here are some of the important features you need to look at.
Life span: One of the best features of this lightbulb is that it lasts longer than incandescent bulbs or CFLs. You can even keep them switched on for almost half the day, that is, for 12 hours per day. This is the reason these bulbs are demanded at households, offices, etc.
Cost and energy effective: LED bulbs are also known as energy saving light bulbs since they are low maintenance and do not use much electricity. They use around 2-17Watts of electricity which is less than half the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs.
Durability: LED bulbs do not have a filament so that can work even if the bulb falls down. The bulb is covered by an aluminium body so that it will not be jarred. The bulb is also less warm even after being switched on for the whole night. This is because it does not cause high heat emissions which ensure more durability.
Decorations: Placed in the cabinetry, used in the lamps, mounted on the ceiling, these bulbs are placed wherever the lighting effect is more. These bulbs can also be dimmed for different effects.