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LCD vs LED Television

Jumia Buying Guide

LCD and LED seem to be the main types of televisions available in stores right now. They are the brightest TVs you can buy. The differences between the two types of TVs mentioned are not that stark as they both have their pros and cons which should be factored with your buying decision.

LED which simply means ‘’Light Emitting Diode’’ engages the LCD technology just that there is one major difference which is the backlight lamps that elucidates the LCD screen which are substituted by a huge number of small LEDs especially the light source. This makes the LED TVs much slimmer than their LCD match.

The LED TV can be split into two which includes the back-lit LED and the edge-lit LED. Although, the edge-lit seem to be the consistent one that comes with most LED TVs because it has the LED lamps around the edge of the screen which makes it super slim unlike the LCD TVs that has its lamp across the entire rear of the screen and which is not as slim as the LED. It is up to 90 inches

Features of LED TV

  • ♦ They are slimmer (especially edge-LED lighting systems)

  • ♦ They deliver better viewing angles than other LCD TVs

  • ♦ LEDs are long-lasting

  • ♦ LEDs are more energy efficient

  • ♦ LEDs don't use mercury like some other backlighting methods.

  • ♦ The LED TV deeper blacks as well as producing brighter images and better contrast ratios

The LCD on the other hand which simply means “Liquid Crystal Display” produce brighter whites and brighter blacks as well. The lamps of the LCD TV are fluorescent lamps and can be located at the back of the screen. They are shone through a matrix of tiny, colored liquid crystal cells whereby signals actually control each cell which allows different amount of colors through to build up the picture.

LCD which has been obliterated by the LED as the most popular TV technology where you still find some LCD TVs in smaller sizes. However, the LCD TV has two layers of glass that are merged and polarized unlike the LED TV which passes light to display the television picture.

Features of LCD TV

  • ♦ LCDs produce brighter whites and brighter black

  • ♦ The fluorescent lamps can be located at the back of the screen

  • ♦ LCDs have amazing viewing angles

  • ♦ LCDS have higher refresh rates to combat motion blur.