Last Price on Jumia, Last!
Find it cheaper elsewhere, we pay you 10 times the difference

What does this mean?

We are so confident in our prices that we are offering you a price guarantee on a selection of products that you can identify by the price guarantee badge.
This campaign runs from May 14th to September 14th across limited products with the price guarantee badge on them.
If you have any questions, please contact us

How to apply to the Price Guarantee Voucher

Did you buy a product on Jumia with the badge, then saw it at a cheaper price at the following places: Konga, Shoprite, Game, Spar, Slot, CashandCarry, Megaplaza Lagos or, official brand stores (LG, Samsung)?
If so, you are eligible for a voucher equivalent to 10 times the difference between the prices (the “Price Guarantee Voucher”) to be used on any product on jumia for at least 4 times the voucher value. Example: if you find the same product you bought on Jumia for ₦1,000 cheaper elsewhere, you will receive a voucher of ₦10,000 to be used on Jumia.
Make your request up to 3 days after having purchased the product, using the online form here.
  • Order number
  • Your contact details with your mobile number and email address. These must be the same details you used when placing your initial order.
  • The name and location of the retailer where you bought the product at a lower price.

Our customer service team will then contact you to get additional details: A scan of the original proof of purchase (receipt) showing the price from our competitors. Your claim will be reviewed after receipt of your application, and you will receive an email confirmation on the validity of your claim, provided that it meets these eligibility conditions of the terms and conditions for participation. If your claim is valid the difference will be provided in voucher.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. This promotion is not available to customers who are considered to be wholesalers (orders of 5 similar products or more)
  • 2. These Terms and Conditions maybe be reviewed at any time during the duration of the promotion.
  • 3. This promotion may be cancelled by Jumia at any time during the term.
  • 4. During the duration of the promotion, Jumia will pay customers 10 times the price difference between an item bought on Jumia and the same item bought at a cheaper price from another retailer. The retailers included in this promotion are Konga, Shoprite, Game, Spar, Cash and Carry, Hubmart, Megaplaza and, official brand stores (LG, Samsung)
  • 5. This promotion is valid on the original price of oOther rRetailer's’ items. Items that are "slashed price" or on "sale" are excluded from this promotion.
  • 6. The price guarantee voucher is calculated based on the "original" price of the other retailers’ products. Each customer may claim the price guarantee voucher for orders up to a cumulative maximum value of ₦50,000.00 for the duration of the campaign.
  • 7. The retailer must be accredited by our suppliers as a reseller of the goods and brands that are in question
  • 8. The product should be:
  •      a. Identical to the product one sold on
  •           i. Same brand
  •           ii. Same model
  •           iii. Same version
  •           iv. Same manufacturer
  •           v. Same size
  •           vi. Same accessories and warranty services
  •           vii. Sold new (excluding refurbished products or used)
  •      b. Available at the retailer at the lower price at the time the claim is verified by Jumia. This is because we realized that sometimes our competitors will lower prices to lure customers in store without having the stock. Jumia will not be held liable for any deception orchestrated by other retailers competitors..
  •      c. Product with lower price and zero stock don’t apply
  • 9. The customer must send the following elements to claim the price guarantee voucher:
  •           i. Order number
  •           ii. Original proof of purchase (receipt)
  •           iii. His or her contact details with mobile number and email address. These must be the same as the details used to place the initial your order.
  •           iv. The name and location of the retailer where the customer has found a lower price.
  • 10. Each customer will receive an email confirming whether his or her claim is eligible within 4 business days after submitting his or her claim
  • 11. Any illegible, incomplete or clearly fraudulent application, i.e. that does not respect the conditions or terms of participation of the offer, or sent after a period of 3 days after the purchase of the order (purchase dates between May 14th, 2018 and September 14th, 2018), will be considered void. The customer will then receive a notification informing him or her of the ineligibility of his or her claim.
  • 12. Vouchers will be sent to the customer within 2 business days once the validity of the claim has been confirmed. The item bought on Jumia will no longer be eligible for return once the customer receives the Price Guarantee Voucher.
  • 13. The Price Guarantee Vouchers are valid 1 month for orders that are at least 4 times the sum of the voucher.
  • 14. Shipping cost is not eligible for reimbursement, the price match will be used on the pre shipping amount of the retailer
  • 15. Jumia Employees or their close family members are not eligible to participate in this promotion
  • 16. The Staff of the retailers included in the list above are not eligible either.