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Computers and laptops are widely used today. These are used for both personal and professional use at offices and homes. With the advancement of technology, computer accessories have also developed to enhance the operations of a computer. A battery is an essential feature of a computer which is often ignored when looking for its specs and design. A powerful battery will allow a laptop to continue its operations uninterruptedly. Different types of batteries are used on different laptops and computers. Since these are easily replaceable when damaged, you can buy them from any computer shop in Nigeria or online from Jumia, where these are available in the latest variety. These batteries are both durable and reliable. Once placed within a computer or laptop, these batteries ensure the longevity of the device so that they are powered up for a long time.

Types of laptop batteries

There are different laptop batteries that allow power management. Mostly three types of batteries are used in current day laptops.

Nickel-Metal Hydride battery:

This type of battery is the best alternative for alkaline batteries. It is also quite inexpensive. The power transfer is done efficiently using this battery as it allows smooth discharge rates to occur during heavy drain.

Lithium-Ion battery:

This type of battery is lighter and has a higher charge capacity than other batteries. As it allows less suffering from self-discharge, many HP laptop batteries are made of this chemical. These are portable and available in varying sizes so that they can be used in a variety of HP, DELL, Samsung, laptops. It also ensures less loss of power when the device is not in use.

Lithium Polymer battery:

This type of battery is quite advanced and is made of a solid polymer composite instead of a lithium electrolyte in an organic solvent. Due to its lower production cost, increased ruggedness, and reliability, this battery is becoming widely adaptable by many brands including Sony and Apple.

Get HP batteries for your laptops

HP laptop batteries are strong and durable. These are technologically advanced and can also be repaired. HP laptop batteries price is quite affordable at Jumia so that these are accessible to a large number of customers. With time, new changes are being made into the batteries thus making them more improved with enhanced performance. The design and size of the battery vary according to the laptop. Some of the older models of HP in Nigeria have large batteries while the new range of laptops has portable batteries that can be carried while travelling.

Features of a laptop battery

Look for the technology and the chemicals used in manufacturing a battery. The more advanced the technology and chemicals, better will be the functioning of the battery. The battery is either universal or brand specific. Universal batteries are those that can be placed in any laptop while brand-specific batteries are placed in laptops of the brand they are made of. Online shopping for these batteries is done from Jumia. Portability and size are also important features of a laptop battery.