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Colanders and strainers are commonly used kitchen appliances. These are basically used to drain water from several food items like rice and pasta. The colander is usually a metal or plastic bowl which has one or two handles on the side with small holes. The strainer is just like a colander but has a stout handle and the material is much thinner. There are different designs of colanders and strainers that buyers can get for themselves. There are several sizes as well which shoppers can get according to their requirements. One can find a wide variety of kitchen strainers at affordable prices at Jumia.

Types of Strainers

There is a wide variety of strainers to choose from but before buying one you must know the different types. The most common type used in the kitchen is a mesh strainer which has a stout like bottom and is mostly used to strain sauces, custards, soups, and purees. There are different designs of the mesh strainers as well like; chinois strainer that has a very thin mesh which helps to liquefy food items. Then there are several materials from which strainers are made in that include; stainless steel, silicon, plastic, and enamel. Depending on why you need the strainer you can select the material. For instance, a tea strainer is usually preferred in silicon or metal with thin mesh. Also, there are several shapes of strainers that shoppers can get for themselves. Basket strainers are bigger in size as compared to the one that has one handle.

Types of Colanders

There are several colanders that consumers can get according to their choice. There are several materials to select from that include; silicon, metal, plastic, enamel, aluminum, melamine and ceramic. The silicon ones are tough materials that are heat-resistant, so for draining out hot water these work the best. Also for cooking food items that are heated at high temperatures and need to be drained out quickly, these work efficiently. The metal colanders provide extra grip because these usually have a handle made from steel or wood. These help drain out food and water much more quickly. Plastic colanders are the most commonly used ones because these are cheap and work same as any other type of colander. The other materials can be tested out first and the cook can easily determine which one works for them the most.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Colander or Strainer

There are several factors that people must consider before buying these simple kitchen tools. The first factor is the size of the colander and strainer which depends on the task you want to do. For instance for cooking, bigger sizes are preferred as compared to when you just want a nice cup of tea. Then consider the material which is selected according to the buyer’s own choice. You can also take into account the number of handles the product has and from which material is the handle made from. Buy all your favorite kitchen tools online at Jumia.