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Nexus is one of the few companies that make reliable and dependable consumer-friendly home appliances. The company is aimed at making a budget-friendly device that makes life simpler and easier without leaving you stranded after getting it. Get all your home appliances at the best prices possible. We are offering you the best deals and discounts on a wide range of Nexus home and kitchen items. Below are some few and essential appliances that will help you make your daily life worth living.

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You don't have to live or sleep in a room where there is no adequate cooling. We live in a part of the world where we experience a long period of hot weather, and if you look around you, you will discover almost all the surrounding houses either have a cooling device installed in their home or office. Get one over the heat by getting your affordable ACs or fans for a better living environment. Give your family the best by ordering one of our low-cost air conditioning products today.

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Do you need to get that laundry done, but you seem too tired? Why not get a washer capable of doing the laundry from you without you breaking a sweat? We have different washing machines from Nexus for you to choose from. We've got the top loader, front loading and twin tub for you to choose from with a capacity ranging from 6kg to 15kg respectively depending on your washing capacity requirements. Our automatic or semi-automatic washers will help you get your job done with minimal control.

Shop Low Budget Refrigerator & Water Dispensers in Nigeria.

For affordable kitchen and home appliances, Nexus has you covered. If you are planning on moving from one apartment to another or you making over your existing home and you are looking to change your current refrigerators with a new one. One of the most essential home appliances to have in your home is a fridge or freezer which every home needs. These devices are very essential for your home, as they sometimes add a touch of beauty to our home. Just like the refrigerator, you can also get a water dispenser for your kitchen if you need something different from the usual big and bulky appliances that occupy your limited space. With your dispensers, you will get to drink your chilled or hot water while still maintaining your valuable space.

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You already makeover your home and some aspect of your kitchen, you know your kitchen won't be complete without your cooking appliances. That is why we have brought to your notice some of our best cooking products to choose from if you are in the market for one. Shop a wide range of microwave ovens at bargain prices while we also have some amazing deals on lots of budget-friendly gas cookers for your cooking convenience.

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Whether you are hungry and you want to make a quick toast, boil water with your electric kettle, blenders your vegetables, or make tea for your wards before leaving home in the morning. It doesn't matter what you plan to do, and how you want to do it, there is an appliance for you to choose from. We have a broad collection of different small appliances for your kitchen that will better serve you at reasonable costs.

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Experience Peace of mind with your electrical appliances if you live in a community where there is frequent power surge with our range of Nexus Stabilizers. Protect all your appliances with reliable digital voltage regulators that help protect your valuable electronics against high or low voltage from the transformer. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your gadgets are adequately protected against sudden power fluctuations that can lead to damage of your essential electrical equipment.

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Are you looking for where you can get the best Nexus range of equipment at bargain prices? Jumia Nigeria has you covered with whatever you are looking for right here. With us, there is something for every shopper and when you buy today, we will ensure delivery gets to your location with no form of delays.