Are you part of J-Force? Participate and win up to:
Who is eligible to participate?

Are you among our bestselling sales agents at J Force: Bronze, Silver, Gold Agents and Captains?

Then this competition is exclusively for you! You know how to sell so we know you will excel at recruiting!

What do you need to know ?
  • The campaign goes live on the 5th of December

  • Winners for the month of December will be announced on the 5th of January

  • Be ready to start recruiting from day 1

  • You have one month to do your best

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How Does it Work?
  • Contact people you think might make top selling agents

  • Meet them or call them and convince them to join the J-force program

  • Fill out the google form with your referral name and email address

  • Keep Track of your recruited agents to boost their sales and make sure they start placing orders

  • Boom! You have got yourself one more recruited agent!

Who can you recruit?
  • Church or Mosque members

  • Your clients or potential customers

  • Family and friends

  • Your social network contacts

  • Your associations or professional groups, housewives, youths, etc.

For more information please contact us on

South-West Regions : 08172463866 or 09037826772

South-South Regions : 09037775482

South-East Regions : 09037761892 or 09037775540

Central-North Regions : 09037751556 or 09037775492