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J-Force is a multi-level marketing sales program (MLM) run by Jumia. The program is designed to provide extra income to sales consultants, providing them with commissions for every Jumia product they sell. The program offers attractive commissions for top salesmanship, flexible hours of work and regular training without committing to full employment with Jumia.

The basic salary can be as low or as high as you want it to be. That is, the salary you get at the end of the months is solely based on the commissions made from sales of products you find on Jumia’s website. You can also earn extra money by referring other persons to join the J-Force program

No, you do not have to report to the office daily, you only come when you have trainings. This job can be accomplished from anyplace you wish: from home, outside, at friends’ place, markets and so on.

Consultants can sell anything that is available on the website. We presently have over 1,000,000 products on the website.

You need to find a customer and convince him to buy, after that you place an order for the customer on the website. Jumia does not give product for you to go and sell and you return the money to us.

Immediately after joining, you are not yet under captain, when drafted into teams, the area supervisor will inform you of same.

COD: Cash on Delivery. These are areas Jumia can ship to and customers can pay cash after the items are delivered.

These options will work for areas out of COD and items 200k and above. You select the item, > buy now > shipping address > Payment options > select pay with debit/credit card and use you card info. This is a 100% secure process and the page you log on while paying is not seen from anyone. Please note we do not collect your bank details at any moment during the transaction.

You need to find a customer and convince him to buy, after that you place an order for the customer on the website. Jumia does not give product for you to go and sell and you return the money to us.

No. Any bank account is okay for us to pay commission also for transactions such as prepayment and COD payment, you can use any bank of your choice.

Jumia’s delivery is estimated to be between 3-8 working days. For more precision on the delivery of a particular item, please go on the product’s page. A more precise delivery estimate will be shown there.

Delivery to customer depends on the consultants, some prefer Jumia to deliver to their customers.

If you have been informed that the item has been scheduled for a retrieval, please be patient, it will be retrieved. Sometimes, retrievals are not immediately done and may take between 1-3 days or more depending on the location. Send an Email to [email protected]

Simply click on this link and update the information.

Commissions are paid within the first 7 days of the next month for orders placed the previous month to the account submitted to us in the database form.

Please send a mail to [email protected] stating the issues and we will follow up on your behalf.

You can use the shipping voucher while placing orders, the codes work on shipped orders outside Lagos above 10,000 naira and it reduces the shipping fee by 25%. After clicking on buy now and filling your address a small dialogue box will pop up asking you for a coupon or a voucher . Kindly insert the shipping voucher and click use: it will reduce the shipping price by 25%.

It’s a form for us to track all our consultants across the country and it has basic information or data. (names, phone number, bank account number e.t.c)

Yes, you need a bank account to receive your commissions.Kindly Update it on the Jforce Website.

You actually are allowed to reach this target to go from probation to bronze in a month, that is, four full weeks. If you do not reach the target however, do not worry: the commissions for the sales that you have made will be paid to you nonetheless.

The sales are tracked by emails addresses

No, you are charged delivery per item.

Yes ,you will still get your commission if you place the order using your Jforce registered Email.

The commission structure is on the app, you can gain access to the app once you agree to the Jforce terms & conditions and check the corresponding commission on each order or item sold and delivered.

No, based on what the consultant sold, s/he will be moved to Bronze and given the target for Silver to achieve.

No commission is paid for failed deliveries, rejected or returned items.

Payments for sales in the current month will be made within the 1st week of the following month. E.g August Sales will be made within the 1st week of September.

Yes ,you will still get your commission if you place the order using your Jforce registered Email.

A weekly performance will be sent regularly. This will indicate the expected commission you make on your gross sales, and the current commission for all delivered items at the time of the report. After payment, we will send a commission breakdown report.

We do not give ID cards to Jforce consultants.

No you do not go back to the previous level, you remain on your current stage.

Select item, click on buy now, Proceed to checkout > select shipping address > select mode of payment > submit order.

Visit > account > new customer > complete the form > submit.

Please note, password on Jumia’s website should be different from the password that accesses your email

Shipping are not fixed, they are determined after the delivery address is updated during order placement. The fees are determined by weight, location & quantity of items in the order.

You send an Email to [email protected] or call 01-277–2365.

Login > Select item to purchase > scroll to the bottom of the page > SKU.

Please Note: If you are browsing with your phone, you will not see the SKU, kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page and change view to DESKTOP Version