iMose X-II 10" Tablet

Trendy. Agile. Reliable.

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Large Battery
To keep you going on and on and on

The large 5,000 mah Battery with fast charging capability ensures you have the time and flexibility to
do all you want without worry

Powerful Intel
SoFia 3GR Quad-core

Intel quad-core architecture
ensures the Imose X-II gives you
a great tablet experience with its
fully-integrated Intel communication
platform, superior browsing speed,
multi-app management capabilities
and low power consumption.

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Robust Android Experience via
The new Android 5.1 OS

Android 5.1 (Lollipop) boasts a new impressive dynamic user interface with humanization effects
that brings your tablet to life. Increased protection on the X-II tablet is provided via the
Android 5.1 smartlock and encryption capabilities.

Great Apps
To keep you connected every day

X-II Tablet comes with an array of built-in social media apps that make it easy to stay in touch with
trends or friends and family every day.

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Smooth outer case
excellent choice of colours

The outer case of the X-II tablet is finished in high quality body gloss to give a feel of warmth as
you hold it. Available in multiple attractive colours such as Gold, Pink, Black and White.

Attractive Leather Cover Case Accessory
For ease of handling

Protective Leather Cover Cases designed for the Imose X-II tablet have been created just for
you. The covers are crafted from durable material and come in black and pink colors
which you can order to protect your tablet.

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