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Importance of haircare

One of the first few things you notice about someone apart from their clothes is their hair. You can definitely tell a lot about a person’s personality through his/her hairstyle. For women, haircare is much more important than men. Beautiful and glossy hair of a woman always leaves a good impression about her. It not only boosts their confidence but also gets them the attention they deserve. Every woman dreams of strong, shiny hair. Not only does the proper hair care enhances your feminine beauty, it also adds to your well-being. Wild, greasy hair gives you a messy look and will drive people away from you due to health and hygiene issues. Therefore for a long, healthy life, you must take proper care of your hair.

Nova hair care:

The best offered products. Nova has been in the haircare industry since the 1980s and has earned a prestigious name for itself due to its high-quality products. Its products are upgraded with the latest innovations and technology to provide your hair, the best services. Nova hair care in Nigeria is also in great demand among the customers, which is why it is available at online portals like Jumia.

Hair dryer:

The brand manufactures professional hair dryer which has an additional feature, that is, it is foldable. Thus you can take it with you whenever you’re travelling. Available in different colours, the dryer is lightweight and easy to use. It has a speed adjustment button situated on the side. The Air intake filter also has cool air shot for your hair so that they can cool down a bit. A hang-up hook is also attached to the dryer.

Straightening and Curling iron:

There is a two in one straightening and curling iron rod produced by Nova. The straightening plate is made of aluminium and is coated with a ceramic to protect your hair. A button is situated on the straightener for adjusting the temperature. The straightener also has a hang up the hook so that you can put it down to give your hand some rest. Apart from this, the cable attached on this appliance is rotatable so you can use it through any angle. It is sleek in design and portable in nature.


Nova hairspray provides an ultra-rich look to your hair. The spray is long lasting and contains UV filters to protect your hair from damaging. The provitamins included in the spray provide nourishment to your hair.

Tips for proper hair care

There are some general tips to maintain your hair strong and healthy. Choose the right shampoo and products for hair care. Nova hair care price in Nigeria varies according to the products but it is recommended that you use these high-quality products for the proper growth of your hair. Regularly trim your hair. This will ensure that the split ends have been removed, thus allowing a healthy growth. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water and juices so that your hair gets proper nourishment. Make sure you do hair treatments such as oiling, scalp massage, etc. to get beautiful and healthy hair.