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All You Need To Know About Haier Thermocool In Nigeria

Haier Thermocool is one of the biggest electronics names in Nigeria. Think of everything your home needs, from appliances to electronics, they have at least one product for you. The brand started out in Nigeria as Thermocool in 1971 with the aim of delivering top-of-the-table fridges and freezers to customers. Their refrigeration plant was the first-ever in the country with a reputation for delivering very high-end products which included picnic boxes. Within a couple of years, the brand was now a household name with their products all over Nigeria. Almost every family had at least one of their efficient picnic boxes. Increased investment set into developing a world-class cooling brand led them to the production of the cassette type air-conditioners in 1987. The name Haier Thermocool came into existence in 2001 after a collaboration between PZ Cussons and the Haier company, in an attempt to create a better world-class product. Their products have since grown from just cooling appliance to high-quality entertainment systems, power generation appliances, and other smaller home appliances. Their award-winning products are now mainly in four categories which are the home appliances, sound & vision, energy, and commercial products.

Their home appliances lineup is the number one in the country with highly developed systems that are also environmental-friendly. The product line includes air conditioners, cookers, freezers, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, and water dispensers. Their air-conditioners include the split ACs, package ACs, and the newly introduced Tundra ACs. Built-in Nigeria for Nigeria, their products are specially built to be able to withstand the effects of erratic power supply in the country. This means that you do not have to worry about the safety of your AC or have to use a stabilizer with it. Their GenPAL inverter AC is proven to help save 70% of your energy and thus can work using a small generator. With over 40 years of expertise, you can be sure that their fridges, freezers, and refrigerators would be of the best quality. There are large scale freezers of up to 370 liters, upright refrigerators with separate deep-freezing compartments and superfast cooling abilities, wine coolers with direct cooling technology, and much more. Serving your kitchen purposes are the different gas and electric cookers of various sizes and functions. They have the tabletop sizes with 2-3 burners for use that also come with autoignition functions. The microwave line includes electronic and manual models with high heating capacities and other functions. There are also front load and top-loading washing machines of various sizes ranging from 6kg up to 12kg.

To give families the best of the entertainment world, Haier Thermocool has included a long list of televisions in the product line. These TVs range from the small and compact 32” to the large 75” sizes. They also have smart TVs with superfast and uninterrupted browsing and wireless connections, their HDMI and USB compatibility allows users to enjoy the connection to external video and audio sources. Their energy lineup includes surge protectors, voltage regulators/stabilizers, and gas generators. Understanding the epileptic power supply situation in Nigeria, the gas generators are built to be super effective and efficient with minimal fuel consumption rate and high-power delivery rate. They are also available in different sizes ranging from the 1.0kW to as high as the 8.5kW models.

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