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Where to buy Red Wine in Nigeria?

Red wine is an alcoholic wine made from varieties of fruits and its colour is derive mostly from a vast assortment of grapes that are reddish and mixed with various flavours and ingredients which have a unique taste and makes it a special brand of wine to have at home. Explore our range of Red wine at Jumia, as you are sure to find one that will suit your taste and meet your budget. Whether you like the wine fruity, woody or earthy, you are sure to find your favourite to add to your wine rack. Get all these at best prices to have a bottle of wine with assorted meat on a cool evening with friends and family. Our online shop is the perfect place to buy wine in Nigeria.

Best of Red wines at Jumia

Discover best of Red wines at Jumia that are known as men wines because like most men, it is steady, dependable and not a wine to be messed. It comes with distinct flavours, aroma and taste that will envelope your mouth in a silky finish that is rapturous. If you are thinking of having barbecue with friends, indulge yourself in the savour of our collection of Red wines that is spectacular and will complement the barbecue to perfection. Get all these wine for your every day and every occasion that has an enticing aroma and the ingredients is richly blend of fruits, sweet flavours with a velvety smooth finish in your mouth; all you have to do is serve chill, relax and enjoy.