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A pet house can give your a pet a home inside your house, gives your pet some sense of belonging. If trained properly, you can train your pet to find his/her way into the house by theirself. Your pets would also feel secure especially if they have young ones if they have their own roof over their head. Getting a pet house, creates a personal space for your pets . There is a large variety of pet homes to choose from on Jumia, they range from durable plastic to metal. You can select what type you want according to your requirement.

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If you want to pamper your pets even further, then you can include a bed inside to ensure complete comfort for your pet. This house will help your pets mark his/her own space. They are plenty reasons why you should get your pet its own home, asides sleeping in it and they can play in it as well. On jumia we offer you a wide variety to choose from. You can select the appropriate pet house as per the pet you own. Most of our pet houses can be carried with ease anywhere as they are portable.