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strong Olive oil is extracted from the olive tree by squeezing the fruits in this case olives to extract the liquid oil fat from it. It will surprise you to know that aside from being used as cooking oil, fry or dress salad, olive oil can be used as soaps, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals supplements, fuel for traditional oil lamps and a lot more. The Mediterranean cuisine recognises the health benefit that olive oil gives to the body which makes it one of the core food in that cuisine and culture. There are different types of olive oil with each having different properties such as virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and lampante oil. The lampante oil is a form of olive oil that is not recommended for cooking. It is more of a fuel used for lamps rather than cooking. Olive oil has numerous benefits such as reducing heart problems, reduction of oxidation effect of cholesterol especially extra virgin oil helps prevents this, helps with weight loss and metabolism. You can explore several other benefits once you order for your olive oil on Jumia today.

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Discover olive oil on Jumia Nigeria. We have different types of olive oil available depending on the one you need. If you need olive oil for religious purposes, you can also place an order on Jumia and be rest assured it will be delivered to your doorstep. Buy now and pay cash on delivery.