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Have a healthy & nutritious breakfast everyday with milk & cream you can get online at Jumia so your body can function properly. The cream milk on Jumia are made from fresh cow milk and it comes in either full cream, half cream or skimmed milk so you have the option of picking anyone that suits your body well. The milk & cream available on Jumia can be used as an active ingredient in making all sorts of delicious and mouth-watering pastries. You can get either the powdered or evaporated form depending on how you like your milk. Experience convenient and straightforward shopping from the comfort of your home for milk & cream so you can have that much-needed protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Milk & Cream on Jumia

Get milk & cream online at Jumia for your office or home so you can have coffee or tea to enable you stay sharp and alert for the day. Jumia brings you a huge selection of milk & cream from top brands like Nestle, Peak, Real, Frisco and a whole lot more. Take a cold glass of milk in the afternoon and feel a sweet and refreshing satisfaction that will leave you in a state of awe. Get the perfect milk for your baby with the Frisolac Gold Baby milk that will provide your little one with all the essential nutrients he or she needs to grow. Shop for nutritious & satisfying milk & cream on Jumia at the best price in Nigeria.