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Buy Mackerel Online in Nigeria

Mackerel is a type of fish which have striped backs, forked tails and live mainly along the coast of oceans.Mackerels are very delicious, healthy and are a good source of protein. Canned Mackerel fish popularly called Geisha in Nigeria are very common in the country and are used to spice up a variety of foods. You can now buy your favourite mackerel fish online easily on Jumia with just the click of a button. You no longer need to spend hours in the market to buy mackerel and other foods, all you need to do is to simply order and have it delivered to you wherever you desire.

Buy Mackerel Online on Jumia

Buy your mackerel fish from top brands from all over the world on Jumia such as Geisha, 777, Fiji Ocean and many more. To order your favourite mackerel fish online, simply visit Jumia today, choose from our large selection of mackerel products, place your order and get it delivered right where you want it and pay on delivery. Jumia also has several other types of canned fish and seafood available such as Sardines, prawns, crayfish and more, shop with us today and get amazing discounts on all products.