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Cocktail & Mixed Drinks

Cocktails are basically mixed drinks, that contain two or more ingredients(mixtures of drinks) with one of them been alcoholic. They are party starters or enders, either way they are must haves for all your occasions.
The first thing to get for you dinner party are cocktails, they are also good refreshments for after a long day. With more than two centuries of history behind the cocktail, it’s more than just mixing any two drinks you see, there is actually art to making good mixtures. On jumia you can get the best cocktail mixturesand recipes, we not only have the ingredients to give you the best. But also the already made refreshments. Don't wait, start shopping away

Get Exotic Cocktails on Jumia

Do you Fancy some variety in your exotic cocktail feel? Do you want to jump right in and devour the refreshing feel experience? Have a browse to find the land of cocktails and drink online that best suits you. You can use any alcoholic beverage and non-alcoholic to mix with our selection of exotic tasty drinks. Don't start your events, or parties without cocktails on jumia