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Butter is a dairy product. Butter contains 80% butterfat which is usually in a solid state at room temperature and liquid when heated. Butter is manufactured by shaking up fermented or fresh milk or cream in order to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. Butter, over the years, have come to be a household food which is usually used as a spread on bread or other food products. Aside from being spreads, butter can be used for cooking especially when making sauce, frying and is widely used when baking. The major ingredients in butter are butterfat, milk protein, and water. Some butter have salt while others don’t. There are several health benefits attached to eating butter. Some of which includes improving the immune system in the fight against diseases, regulating the hormones in the body, enhancing and protecting our vision, helps to boost metabolism, reduces chances of heart diseases and increase brain function. Mayonnaise, just like butter contains fat up to 85% from homemade and 75% from commercially produced. Mayonnaise is highly rich in vitamin E. It is also used as condiments in cooking, baking or frying. It has several health benefits such as reducing the risk of stroke in the body, good vitamin E supplement to the body, treating of depression, giving you a smooth and soft skin, and more. You can place an order for butter and mayonnaise on Jumia Nigeria today

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