Generic Trendwoo Soundcup S Bluetooth Speaker With Touch Control,NFC, 360 Degree Surround Super Bass System

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Key Features
  • Official brand TRENDWOO
  • Bluetooth 4.0 : 10M transmission distance
  • NFC- Easy connection with NFC for Android mobile phones
  • 360 degree surround sound- Super bass effect
  • ON/OFF button special design
  • Non Stop Beautiful music
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Average Rating
Based on 28 ratings
Verified Purchase
Nice product, i recommend it for anyone.  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
I like it
Very good,last long battery and super bass  Read more  Hide
Miss P
Verified Purchase
Great product!
Excellent bass , really great product.  Read more  Hide
muis raheem
Verified Purchase
i like it
Don't really know much about the product but i think it will be a good product.  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
The product is nice, especially the sound quality which is super awesome
Super Bass  Read more  Hide
Chinedu Onwuasoanya
Verified Purchase
Not bad
Product was delivered on time. Just a little disappointed with the sound quality, but besides that everything is fine. Works well too.  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
Excellent speakers
The design is aleek ans stylish. Looks really premium. sounds nice and clear. The only downsides are lack of a usb/tf card port. Receives only bluetooth and aux (35mm jack) inout.  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
Very good
Love the so enjoying it  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
Damn amazing speaker,clear audio,superb bass,sweet design,speaker is really good and feels premium to hold and see,and affordable also. I'm impressed by this,the touch works just fine,got 5 and all the people that got it love it.  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
I am so impressed with this product,,, I love it.  Read more  Hide

Along with Soundcup L, Trendwoo also launched a smaller version, a simpler design called Soundcup S. These 2 products are aimed at different users with different needs. Let's learn about this speaker. 

Open the box

The speaker is closed in the box quite similar to Soundcup L, with the product image on the front. 

Remove the outer paper, the main box of the black speaker with only 1 small logo on the top. 

In addition to speakers, inside the box, there is also instruction paper, a flyer, a 3.5-wire 2-wire to listen to music with wires and charging cords.


Different from Soundcup L's robust pit design, Soundcup S has a simpler design. In the middle of the speaker body, there is a large cloth with different colors, this part cannot be removed and it is one block so it feels more seamless than Soundcup L. However, users must be more careful in the process. used to prevent dust and dirt.

The power button is located at the bottom of the speaker. 

In the lower part there is a plastic cover for the connection ports including 3.5mm port and usb charging port. 

The speaker controls are located at the top, including a volume dial to adjust the volume, a touch face to stop, play music, transfer songs.

The whole body of the speaker is made of plastic, but reinforced very well so it feels quite solid. In addition, the product is also equipped with IPX4 water resistance, so if the water is lightly splashed, the speaker will still work perfectly. 


The biggest difference in the audio experience between two L and S speakers is that Soundcup S does not have the ability to switch between indoor and outdoor, so it has only one sound quality. To be fair, Soundcup S's capacity is not large, especially compared to L and Sony XB series products, so this product is best used indoors. Using in some quiet places like parks, the speakers are still enough to use, but being used in noisy public places is quite weak. The sound quality of this loudspeaker is a combination of Soundcup L's outdoor and indoor modes, not biased in any band, but focusing on playing balancedly because this is the only sound that cannot be changed.

Soundcup S's bass section does not give much of an impression as Soundcup L's indoor mode, as part of this product does not have a sub-speaker like a senior. However Soundcup S still has a bit more bass than the outdoor mode of L, which means that the speaker is still bass, not completely cut. Most bass is played in the mid bass section, the sub bass is not really that much. The sub bass section has been rolled off and lacks the sharpness, so it doesn't leave much residual. The mid bass section has an average volume, just enough for the user to see the tension. This strip is most suitable for hand drum, bongo with higher speed is foot drum, electronic bass because the bass speed of the speaker is not long either. Try the Life Is A Highway version of Rascal Flatts, the speaker shows good rhythm, drum Keep up with the tempo of the song, but the bass guitar part can do even better. Soundcup S's gentle bass section makes the product limited to expressing Dance songs, EDM with this part booming, but just enough to play Pop songs, Ballad slowly. If you love bass, you can choose Soundcup L or even the Sony eXtra bass line is designed entirely for this range.

The highlight of this speaker is the mid range. This part is made with the largest volume, which is put up the highest in the sound quality so it is extremely clear. With portable speakers, I think this is the most necessary because in the past this strip was often pushed away to make room for bass. And this is actually a very easy and comfortable mid range. Mid focuses on playing low mid and mid mid rather than steam in the high mid section, the high mid section is not really high and is well controlled so it never gets sibalance. The vocalist part is made very warm, smooth and light because there are slightly more vocal parts than vocals. Try the Mirror of Amber Rubarth and Jason Mraz, both female and male singer voices are expressed very moderately, but clearly but somewhat laid back. Low-end portable speakers tend to increase the volume on the mid to express this part more clearly, so it often breaks the sound,
Like the mid, the treble is made in a clear but laid back and gentle way. The amount of treble is quite large, just enough for any genre. Try Miracle of Above and Beyond, the wind chimes are played very moderately, the volume is very good but not too high, so it is not dazzling. This part fits with the general sound, not outstanding but very enough to use. 

And like Soundcup L, S also has latency with a fairly low source, very suitable for making multimedia speakers for watching videos or movies. But again, in order to have the best experience, users should use it in wired mode so that the level is close to zero. Loudspeaker is quite light sound with slightly weak bass, so it will be best suited to the genre of emotional, reportage and comedy movies than action movies that need heavy bass to show real bullets. monumental.


No small features like Soundcup L, Soundcup S is a simpler speaker, for those who need to use the majority of speakers in the home. With a price of 1,100,000 VND, this is a low price speaker but offers a very high level of experience from design to sound quality. Overall, this is a very good option for those who need a portable speaker that's simple, easy to use. 


- Nice but simple design - Strong finish
, light water resistant
- Price is not high
- Sound quality is balanced, moderate


- The fabric can be dirty so it needs to be kept clean

Key Features
  • Official brand TRENDWOO
  • Bluetooth 4.0 : 10M transmission distance
  • NFC- Easy connection with NFC for Android mobile phones
  • 360 degree surround sound- Super bass effect
  • ON/OFF button special design
  • Non Stop Beautiful music

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