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SX1278 LoRa Module 433M 10KM Ra-01 Ra-02 Ai-Thinker

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Musical instruments, English: musical instruments, generally refer to the utensils that can play the timbre and rhythm in various ways. Generally divided into national musical instruments and Western musical instruments.
A device capable of producing musical sounds and recreating musical art. Humans express and exchange thoughts and feelings by playing musical instruments. On the definition of musical instruments, the music industry and the musical instrumental community have different views.
The music industry believes that the sounding instrument used for music is the musical instrument; the musical instrument field usually regards many sounding instruments in non-musical fields, such as the golden drums in ancient wars, the instruments beaten in religious prayers and chanting, weddings and funerals. The ceremonial signals and the signal devices solicited by traders are also regarded as musical instruments, and even some production labor tools and daily life utensils, such as bows, saws, pestles, pots, cups, saucers, cups, bowls, etc., are played. At the time, they were all crowned with the word music, and they were called music bows, music saws, music cups, music pestles, etc.
The main products of the musical instrument industry are basically musical instruments involved in the music industry, that is, instruments that can be used to recreate musical art. In addition, a small number of horse bells, camel bells, oil brands and car and ship horns are produced. The production of musical instruments is different from the production of general industrial products. It not only requires the product to have a reasonable and beautiful appearance, but also must have good acoustic quality, including timbre, music and specified pitch height. Therefore, the selection of materials is very strict. Musical instruments are the spiritual property that human beings possessed very early, and are constantly enriched with the progress of human beings. From archaeological excavations, murals, and cliff paintings, it can be seen that hunting and hunting, signal transmission, offering sacrifices to gods, fighting cheers or celebration dances are closely connected with pronunciation tools or rhythmic sounds [1] .
There are 3 theories about the development of musical instruments
①The German musical instrumentist C. Sachs analyzed the distribution of the unearthed cultural relics from the archaeological point of view, and believed that the first stage was mainly noise devices such as rattles and whistles; the second stage was drums, horns, and plucked strings; In the third stage, musical instruments such as xylophone and flute appeared.
②The British scholar T.F.R. Ubosam believed that the drums came first, then the flutes, and finally the plucked instruments.
③ Austrian music theorist R. Wallacek opposed the idea that music originated from language, and agreed that music originated from rhythm and dance. He believed that the flute and wind instruments were the earliest, and then the singing and drum instruments were formed.
In 2010, my country's musical instrument industry was faced with uncertain factors at home and abroad: the continued depreciation of the US and the spread of the debt crisis in the euro zone were still the main reasons affecting the export of musical instruments in my country; In an upward trend, coupled with the soaring CPI index after the second half of the year, the inflation factor has made the musical instrument industry face a more severe test. The profit margins of musical instrument production and sales are shrinking, and my country's musical instrument industry has entered an inflection point. The production of musical instruments only relies on cheap labor and resources, and the extensive economic development method of producing low-cost popular musical instruments has lost its advantages.
Major economic indicators rose by double digits year-on-year, a higher rate than in 2009. In 2010, the industrial output value of enterprises above designated size in the musical instrument industry reached 22.079 billion yuan, an increase of 25.82% over 2009, and the industrial sales output value was 21.53 billion yuan, an increase of 22.91% over 2009.
Exports of musical instruments have recovered to the best level in history before the financial crisis. In 2010, Chinese musical instruments were exported to 180 countries in the world, and the export value reached 1.467 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 20.48%, and continued to maintain the status of the world's largest exporter.
The quality of musical instruments has been further improved, the proportion of medium and high-end musical instruments has increased, and the proportion of OEM musical instruments exported has decreased. The standardization of musical instruments was carried out in an orderly manner. In 2010, 15 standard project plans, 1 national standard, and 14 industrial standards were completed; the review work completed the cleaning, review and revision of 49 standards before 2005. The national standard for "Limits of Harmful Substances in Musical Instruments" concerning human health has been formulated. The standard level of musical instruments formulated during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period has reached or is close to the current technical standards of advanced countries.image











Key Features

  • BrandName:Aideepen


  • Certification:NONE

  • Origin:CN(Origin)

  • Type:SX1278LoRaModule

  • OutputType:SX1278LoRaModule

  • Size:SX1278LoRaModule

  • ModelNumber:SX1278LoRaModule

  • Style:SX1278LoRaModule

What’s in the box



  • Model: YQLPJ111
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 12 x 13 x 15
  • Weight (kg): 0.52
  • Color: LoRa RA-02
  • Main Material: Synthetic

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SX1278 LoRa Module 433M 10KM Ra-01 Ra-02 Ai-Thinker

SX1278 LoRa Module 433M 10KM Ra-01 Ra-02 Ai-Thinker

₦ 14,279
₦ 16,67214%
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