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800X300 Game Robloxes Keyboard Mouse Pad RGB HyperX Gamer

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Product details

Mouse pad is computer users are commonly used as computer accessories, mouse pad dirty to clean, of course, as a kind of computer users schedule often in contact with the hand above the items over time will become very dirty, we can use a microscope picture you can see a lot of bacteria in the above, this is terrible, that our mouse pad is not very dirty, the answer is yes.
1, rubber cloth mouse pad cleaning, do not force too big, do not twist, the mouse pad, the right amount of drops on the detergent gently knead a few times.
2, silica wrist pad cleaning, put the mouse pad in water soaked, drop detergent, with a soft brush, gently scrub the convex wrist pad, the plane part of the general wrist pad is not very easy to dirty, wash without too much effort. [1] Mouse pad refers to a small pad under the mouse, which is mainly designed to prevent the reflection and refraction of the surface of special materials such as glass from affecting the positioning of the mouse photoreceptor. It provides a plane convenient for the mouse photoreceptor system to calculate the movement vector and facilitate people's work. According to the different material can be divided into soft cushion and hard cushion. The mouse is essential as a standard input device, and as personal computers continue to evolve, its role is gradually surpassing that of the keyboard. However, a good horse needs to be equipped with a good saddle, a good mouse is no exception, its best partner is the mouse pad.
The advantage of the mouse pad is that it is beneficial to protect the desktop where the mouse is used, and it will not damage the desktop during the use of the mouse. It CAN reduce the aggregation of fragments at the bottom of the mouse, so as to reduce the phenomenon of frame hopping on the display during the use of the mouse, effectively enhance the accurate positioning of the mouse in use, and reduce the influence of various external factors on the mouse. The disadvantage of not using the mouse pad is that it cannot ensure the accuracy of mouse positioning, and the wear of the foot at the bottom of the mouse is too large.
There are many kinds of mouse pads, such as silicone mouse pad, EVA mouse pad, image frame mouse pad, rubber mouse pad, glass mouse pad, wrist mouse pad, PP/PVC ultra-thin mouse pad into oil mouse pad, photoelectric mouse pad, leather mouse pad, generally they have the advantages of rich color, cheap price. In the application of advertising mouse pad, cartoon mouse pad, doll mouse pad, photo mouse pad, it can be described as a variety of complete variety, if you are still hesitant to check the mouse pad of the kind of words as soon as go to the computer market around it.
Smooth degree
Smoothness is divided into two concepts. Shun: mainly used to measure the flatness of the surface of the mouse pad, and whether you can ensure that the mouse is stable at the same speed. Slippery: generally refers to the mouse in the mouse pad surface when moving the smooth feeling. The higher the slip, the smoother the mouse moves. Quantitatively speaking, the mouse is pushed in the same direction and with the same force. The farther the mouse moves, the more slippery it is. The factors that affect the slip are the slip of the material itself, the surface texture shape and arrangement. This index is also the most important factor affecting the performance of the following indicators. Micromanipulations: Micromanipulations in FPS games are the subtle movements of the mouse over a small area. The MOST important FACTOR THAT determines the quality of the micromanipulation is the amount of friction that occurs when the mouse starts up quickly, which is called a rush. The lower the friction, the lower the difficulty of microoperation, and vice versa. In RTS games, micromanipulations are generally defined as the number of effective manipulations a player can perform per unit of time. The more times, the lower the error rate, the stronger the microoperation ability.image





















Key Features

  • BrandName:Achotop

  • Origin:CN(Origin)

  • Material:Rubber

  • ModelNumber:RGBmousepadxxL

  • Package:Yes

  • Style:RadiationProtection

  • ProductsStatus:STOCK

  • color:red,blue,yellow,green,pink,white,cyan

  • Size1:250x350mm,300x350mm,350x600mm

  • Size2:300x700mm,300x800mm,300x900mm

  • Size3:350x900mm,400x900mm

  • Point1:padpadformouse,rgbrug,carpetmouse,mousepadrgb,rgbmousepad

  • Point2:mousepadxl,mousepadrgb,ledmousepad,rgbmat

  • Point3:computermat,mousepadgamer,mousepadlarge,rgbdeskcarpet

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  • Point11:computermat,mousepadgamer,mousepadlarge,mousepad400

  • Point12:deskpad,padmouse,mousepadgamingmouse,mousepad3mm

  • Point13:rug,carpetmouse,mousepad90x40,gamingmousepad

  • Point14:mousepadxl,mousepadXXL,hardmousepad,mat,mousepadartjapan

  • Point15:mousecarpet,gamermousepad,xxlmousepad,mousepad4mm

  • Point16:customize,MauseCarpet,animemousepad,WorldofTanks

  • Point17:Computerpersona,gamingmousepad,smallmousepad

  • Point18:BestGameCustom,bestgamingmousepad,Custommousepad

  • Point19:mousepadgaming,fulldeskmousepad,DIYmousepad

  • Point20:computermousepad,gamemousepad,mousepadstarwar

  • Point21:ROGpad,MSI,counterstrikekarambit,matmouseASUS

  • Point22:counterstrikegun,AnimeMosuePad,kawaiimousepad,

  • Point23:SupportDropShipping

  • Point24:SupportWholesales

  • Point25:Supportfreereturn(partofcountry)
  • Barcode: No
  • Certification: CE

What’s in the box



  • Model: SBD111
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 12 x 13 x 15
  • Weight (kg): 0.52
  • Color: Royal Blue 600x350x3mm
  • Main Material: Synthetic

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800X300 Game Robloxes Keyboard Mouse Pad RGB HyperX Gamer

800X300 Game Robloxes Keyboard Mouse Pad RGB HyperX Gamer

₦ 27,848
₦ 36,86924%
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