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Contraceptives could also be referred to as birth control or fertility control. It is seen as a method which is used to prevent pregnancy. It could also be seen as whatever is done to prevent pregnancy or contraception, there are different birth controls that could be used at different points in the prevention process.Basically, contraceptives are any drug or device used to prevent contraception. They have a lot of benefits, it could be used for family planning, with contraceptives, couples are able to decide the number of children they would like to have, it helps to reduce unwanted pregnancies in teenagers as well as adults, It also helps women to plan their pregnancy in such a way that the baby is able to get the best care during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy. Contraceptives also helps to reduce the population rate of a country. There are various types of contraceptives, however, the use of condoms and pills are the highest of contraceptives commonly used among individuals. Research has shown that a contraceptive pill prevents a woman from getting pregnant 95% of the time, the male condoms are widely used by men, it helps to prevent pregnancies as well as reduce the possibilities of having sexually transmitted diseases while the female condoms are used by women, they can be inserted 8 hours before sex and also serves as a form of protection from pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

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