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Medical Device for monitoring glucose level without drawing blood.For Diabetics type 2 and pre-diabetics, above 16 years.Measures the tissue glucose.Is calibrated to the user once, when starting to use a new ear-clip.  Price includes calibration at a nearby clinic/endocronologist.
European CE certification.  Nigerian NAFDAC certification.
The egm1000 is the most cost-effective glucose monitor on the market.  This is explained by comparing it to the cost of lancets/needles and test strips over the next 3-4 years.

The egm1000 Measures your diabetes in three ways

Each technology measures different tissue parameters that are affected by the same change in glucose concentration, but is confined by the impact of interfering factors, due to lack of specificity. Therefore, a simultaneous evaluation of the above mentioned physiological changes through measurement of different sets of tissue perturbations, induced by changes in glucose concentration, increases the validity of the end result. The three independent readings are combined together by a proprietary algorithm, which calculates their weighted average.



(phase shift as a function of speed of sound change within the tissue) – An ultrasonic wave travels from a transmitter, placed on one side of the earlobe, through the earlobe tissue and received at the other side. Zips et al [1] showed that the sound velocity depends linearly on the glucose concentration in a water-glucose solution. They also described sound velocity dependency on temperature. Moreover, the temperature dependence is more significant than that of the glucose concentration. One should note that these dependencies are not opposite to each other, meaning in the hyperglycemic range, the temperature increases as well as the concentration and thus the velocity of sound is expected to increase significantly. Furthermore, in live tissues, the influence of glucose concentration on the velocity of sound is more profound than the demonstration in Zips and associates’ study. This is since glucose-induced water transport affects tissue density as well as compressibility and they also affect the sound velocity [2].


(conductivity of the tissue) – The device has two parallel foils, which act like capacitor’s plates. Thus the earlobe utilizes as a dielectric material between the two capacitor plates. Voltage application between the two plates stimulates the earlobe tissue, current measurement allows for impedance assessment. This method is plausible as a glucose assessment technique since plasma glucose induces ion shift across the cellular membrane in red blood cells and as a result changes membrane potential [3]. Furthermore, Hayashi et al [4] demonstrated that variations of the metabolically active enantiomer d-glucose affect the permittivity and conductivity of the cellular membranes. Tissue impedance is changed due to changes in blood glucose concentration and is therefore monitored [5].


(heat capacity of the tissue) – A known (controlled) amount of energy is applied to the earlobe using a heat source for a predetermined period of time. The temperature developed on the earlobe as a result of the heating is glucose dependent, according to the bio-heat transfer equation, which describes the thermal properties changes of a living tissue [6].


Key Features

  • No more blood to measure your glucose
  • Pain free and strip free
  • 99.7% accuracy
  • Produced in England
  • Long term the most economical solution on the market

What’s in the box

Case, main unit, ear-clip, electricity charger, usb cable to download readings, ear-clip adjustment tool, user manual.


  • Care Label: Do not expose to water.Use in room when temperature is between 15 and 35 degree celsius.Store within -5 and +55 degree celsius.
  • Color: Black
  • From the Manufacturer: Produced by Evia Medical Technologies<a href=""></a><br />NAFDAC registration number; 03-6594
  • Model: Evia Glucose Monitor
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • Product Line: Kainico Ltd
  • Size (L x W x H cm): the size of a smartphone
  • Weight (kg): 0.4

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Evia Medical Technologies Egm1000 / Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

Evia Medical Technologies Egm1000 / Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

₦ 803,000

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