5 Essential make-up items for every woman

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Makeup can accentuate your best facial features and hide those that you think aren’t as favourable. All you need do is learn your face shape, what colors flatter you, how much to apply, and how to apply it so that it looks beautiful and natural.

However, you should have essential items in your make-up purse, in case you ever have to rush out when you are pressed for time. I’ll be telling you about five.

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Foundation Your foundation is usually the base of your face make up. It is what you apply right after your face moisturizer or primer and it helps to cover uneven tones and rough patches on your face. At Jumia we have different brands of foundations, like the Khuraira foundation which will suit dry skin or Mary kay and House of Tara foundations that would suit oily skin.


Powder Next is your powder which could be Compact or Loose. Your powder gives a super-smooth look to your skin after applying your foundation, so that it stays put and lasts longer. There are various brands to choose from on Jumia such as Milani, Avon, and House of Tara.

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Eyeliner Eyeliner can be applied to flatter all eye shapes and sizes. They always make your eye appear bright and wide for a sultry look, no matter the color. You can either have liquid eyeliners or pencils or both! Check out the Maybelline, NYX, Milani and Mac eyeliners on Jumia.


Lipsticks Lipsticks help to emphasize the lushness of your lips. There are various colours to choose from; Red, pink, Purple, wine, brown etc. It all depends on your skin tone. To get the best out of your lipstick application, you should endeavour to line your lips with a lip liner. Choose from the various brands like Mac, Milani or Elf.

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Brushes The best way to apply your makeup is by using make up brushes because they make it look very flawless. Some of the main brushes are the powder brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, angle brush for your eyebrows, eye shadow brush and more. We have different brands like the Bobby brown, Elf or Universal which all come with different brushes.