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Deodorants are also known as antiperspirants which is used to eradicate or drastically reduce smells which are unpleasant most especially body odours. Deodorants made specifically for men and women, it is usually used on the skin to mask, reduce or suppress body odour. It could also be referred to as any product or substance that is used to hide smell or odours that are offensive which comes out of the body, i.e body odours. Deodorants helps to lessen body or skin odour basically by adding a scent that reduces the odour that comes out of the body or by killing the bacteria that causes the odour. Research has shown that individuals(i.e men and women) sweat a lot when engaging in rigorous activities, over time, this leads to accumulated sweat, they begin to produce a certain type of odour which is seen as offensive. There are a lot of reasons why you should use deodorants; they give you confidence, it helps to reduce sweating by affecting the sweat glands and so on. Since deodorants reduces how you smell even if you are sweating profusely, it is advisable to have a couple of them.

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