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Deep fryer Online

At Jumia, we have a collection of deep fryer from top brands like masterchef, Saisho, Binatone, Mikachi, Eurosonic & more. The LG deep fryers will be a great addition to your kitchen appliances for they have great features and will add a soft touch to your kitchen decor. It comes with timer and alarm that makes a beep sound when the food is well fried as well as an automated device that enables you filter the oil and prevent the crumbs from entering into the oil so it can be used later. Our deep fryer prices are the best in Nigeria so ensure you shop with us. The deep fryers available on Jumia will enable you fry large amount of food at a time using only minimal amount of oil. There is an adjustable thermostat and temperature light to control amount of heat and intensity of the frying. The fryer will make sure the food is fried properly without getting burnt or leave some uncooked.

Authentic deep fryer at Jumia

Jumia ensures you have the best when it comes to kitchen appliances from trusted brands. The appliances are reliable, authentic, stylishly designed and durable. Our Deep fryers are well-designed with soft hand grips that are comfortable for you to hold and carry about. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and temperature that prevents the food from becoming overcooked and reduces the smoky odour that comes out from the oil. Get Jumia's portable electrical heating appliance that comes with a non-stick inner bowl, automatic lid release and cord storage just to mention a few and get your desired best fries for your family and guests. Having the deep fryers in your kitchen will enable you enjoy delicious fries whenever you want.