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Cookware sets for all your kitchens at Jumia Nigeria

Every kitchen needs the best quality pots and pans for some good home cooked food. Some food types require to be cooked in pressure cookers while others need saucepans for various sauces to simmer in. Instead of buying a single pot or pan, you can always buy a complete cookware set to have all types present in your range. You never know when you need a special one to cook in.

Types of Cookware Sets

Cookware sets come in a number of types of levels. The levels are progressive in nature and build upon when more features and number of pots, saucepans and other pans are added to it. When deciding which one to get, you need to think about factors such as your cooking style, the aspirations you have, your kitchen style and how much you would like to cook. Moreover, look at the storage space that you have so that you can store all types of kettles, pans and pots.

Basic Cookware Set:

The Basic Cookware set is the bare minimum one that a number of people prefer to buy. Many of the beginners along with novices keep these in their kitchen for everyday use. These cookware sets have 5 to 7 pieces present in them which include essentials such as skillets, sauté pans, stockpots, saucepans, and lids.

Basic Plus Cookware Set:

The Basic Plus Cookware Set is for the intermediaries who have a knack for cooking. These are also used by people with small restaurants or people learning to become chefs. The Basic Plus cookware sets have 8 to 10 pieces present in them which have the basic cookware items. In addition to this, there are medium and large saucepans with lids and multiple sized skillets present in them.

Pro Cookware Set:

The Pro Cookware Set is for the professionals who have high cooking experiences present. There are 12 pieces present in these that include small to large saucepans, stockpots, skillets of straight sides and slope slides along with their lids. Moreover, there are accessories such as spoons and cradles present in these as well.

Cookware Sets Materials

The material of the cookware makes a huge difference when it comes to buying the set. The main two materials present on the outside of the cookware sets are either of stainless steel or aluminum. A few are also made from cast iron or copper. The stainless steel cookware sets prices vary according to the manufacturer.

Nonstick Pans:

Nonstick pans are the easiest to use and offer the most cleanup. The best factor about these is that they require less oil for cooking purposes and eliminate the fat that is present in the food. Nonstick Cookware sets in Nigeria is highly popular because of the ease and convenience it offers.

Uncoated Cookware:

Uncoated cookware is highly used when the food has to be braised or has to undergo browning. You can leave your food to cook in this for a long period of time without worrying.