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Cookable on Jumia

Get various cookable food items on Jumia to ensure you have the perfect meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. By having a variety of groceries in your home, you can switch between different meals so you can have an enjoyable and balanced diet at all times. From seasonings to make your foods spicy and delicious to rich oils for healthy food, we have got you covered. Having cereals and tinned food in your home means you will always have something to munch on when hungry, while you wait on the main dish. Make those mouth watering meals with healthy and approved ingredients online on Jumia.

Great Meals with Condiments and Spices

Jumia brings you a large selection of cookable like cereals, milk & cream, condiments, sauces & seasonings from top brands like Nestle, Friso, Heinz, Kellogg’s, Dano and a lot more. You can have a rich breakfast by combining either baked beans, sardine, corn beef, fruit spread or peanut butter with bread and beverages. We have cereals for little children to keep them nourished and healthy, as well as slim and whole grain spaghetti for an enjoyable pasta experience. Discover different best prices of rice in Nigeria such as the basmati rice with its rich fibre and flavour. Enjoy various types of noodles which come in a variety of flavours to gives you options for lunch or dinner. We have the best cooking appliances and cookables on Jumia for a great stay in the kitchen.