jumia buyers guide

Buying guide for first time computer users

Jumia Buying Guide

As a first time buyer, when deciding what type of computer to go for, there are so many questions to consider such as what will you be using it for, do you plan to have it in a stationery position or do you want to have the option of moving it around, and importantly what will the likely cost be. You need to carefully analyse all these before making a definite choice.

Computers or Tablets

Choosing between tablets and computers can be tricky because tablets are sleeker and fancifully designed while computers seem a bit conventional however they have a studier build. With a computer, you will get a separate keyboard while tablets are associated with on-screen keyboard. A computer has a larger screen size while a tablet is handy and can be used for achieving the same purpose.

The tablet has a touchscreen interface that is ideal for web surfing & gaming and you have the option of attaching a Bluetooth keyboard to make it more like a laptop. Tablets are more energy efficient and can run longer on a single charge. Computers deliver high performance and have massive storage space for all your contents. A computer can run a wide range of software and can conveniently carryout different tasks.

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Desktop or Laptop

Having decided that a computer is your preferred choice, you will then need to choose between a laptop and a desktop. Being a first time user, you might be tempted by the large and separate build of the computer or the handy nature of the laptop. Have it in mind that a computer requires you to be in a particular position whereas with a laptop you can work from any place or position that suits you.

A computer is ideal if you intend to spend long hours working while a laptop gives you the option of using it unplugged. Desktops have a separate monitor, keyboard & CPU and are low maintenance as you can easily replace a faulty part without having to change the whole. Laptops have the screen and keyboard attached together in a single package. Laptops offer a high level of flexibility and portability.

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PC, Mac, Chromebook

PCs have a user-friendly interface and deliver top-notch performance for both media and gaming. They come in a variety of styles and size to suit your every need. The PC is a general purpose computer that is appropriate to use in homes, offices and schools. Macs have solid build and are ideal for high-end graphic designs.

They run on the Mac operating system which is known for its high security. This makes the Mac a model computer for business and professional use. Chromebooks are lightweight notebooks designed to support online computing. The cloud storage support on them enables safe storage of applications, games, music, videos and documents. This also lets it have quick start-up time.

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What is your budget?

When it comes to buying anything money is always the decisive element and this also goes for computers. The sleek designs of the Ultra-books or the small size of the Netbooks might appeal to you but each has their unique value and so does all other types of computers. The price is usually affected by different features like RAM size, processor speed and internal memory. So know your budget and match that with what you intend to get from your computer but be sure not compromise on some much needed features just to have a bargain price. For a computer to be considered bargain, it needs to have all the necessary features while still being within your budget range.

What are you using it for?

Different computers are fitted to achieving different functions and as such you need to prioritize what you will use it for. Most computers can comfortably perform daily tasks like writing and editing word documents, browsing the web, sending & receiving emails, and movie watching. If you are going to be involved in heavy graphic designs then the iMac or Mac book is better suited while lightweight laptops like the Ultrabook is ideal for frequent travellers. Once you have figured out your needs then you can compare the specifications to know which computer will suit you.

By carefully going through all this you can comfortably make a pick that you will be happy with for a long time to come.