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Board games provide an ideal pastime for families and help to brighten up long summer afternoons and monotonous winter evenings. It is always useful if consumers know what types of board games they want for their kids or even for themselves for that matter, to enjoy an amazing gaming experience while they sit back and enjoy quality time with their families at home.

Buy Board Games Online at Jumia Nigeria

Looking for exciting board games online to give as a birthday present to your little sister or kid? Browse Jumia’s online shop for board games in Nigeria. From board game classics including Chess as well as monopoly to contemporary games, you have an interesting variety of board games to choose from. There is a whole list of board games that you can shop for at Jumia Nigeria. Want to witness that beautiful smile and a naughty grin on your kid’s face once he or she looks at his or her favorite game?


Monopoly is also a hands-down favorite and is basically a remodeling of real-world monopoly. Players pose to be great asset holders including those of cash, property/real estate etc. And they buy and sell properties to fellow players etc., as they proceed with the game. They can also lease out property and construct residential buildings etc. on them.


The Risk is an exciting board game that basically involves a World map on the board and the players in this game fight to maintain dominance over these territories. A dice is used to determine the fate of the game.


Coming to scrabble, it has always been the hot favorite board game among kids and adults alike. Simple and interesting, it makes use of pieces of letters to form words and point out missing letters in words.

Other Types of Board Games

Other types of board games include puzzle board games for kids in which they are supposed to join the fragments or pieces together to form a whole. Mystery board games help to solve mysteries during the course of the game. Much also depends on the interests and preferences of people who are going to be playing the game. Whether they want a game that is thrilling, fun, intriguing, mind-boggling, nerve-racking etc., they can choose to their likeability from several genres of these top-selling board games. Mathematical problem-solving board games are also available at Jumia.