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In today’s fast-paced world of technology, every household requires a couple of powerful kitchen appliances to make cooking easy, convenient and fun-filled. Of all these kitchen essentials, blenders happen to be the most popular and necessary machines in the kitchen. Blenders come with a magical mixing ability to demolish whatever you put inside the blending container. But not all blenders offer the functionality of chopping, grinding or liquefying what you put inside of them. Instead of searching the conventional electronic markets for getting your hands on the best quality blenders, you can buy them online on websites like Jumia. Here at Jumia, we have in stock a huge selection of top-notch blenders at the most flexible price range. But before buying blender you should consider many different factors such as the use and the different types of blenders. This guide will surely help you make an intelligent purchase if you are looking for a blender that best matches your requirement and budget.

Eurosonic Blenders & Mixers

People mostly use blenders for making smoothies, soups, frozen concoctions, cocktails and other foods that require mixing or blending. Juicer Blenders are used only for extracting the liquid juice from fresh vegetables and fruits, leaving behind the pulps. However, extractors are capable of extracting everything including the pulp out of the fruits and are indeed true blenders because they can retain all of the nutritional ingredients in the final product.