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Sold by: Chris Active Co | Seller Score: 86%


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About ActiveO


ActiveO Bedbug and Insect Killer with Diatomaceous Earth Powder kills bedbug by clinging to the outer shell of the bed bug, where it cuts their outer layer and asphyxiates by dehydrating them. Bedbugs cannot get resistant to ActiveO treatment powder because it's made from a mix of fossilized all-natural minerals.


Another great feature of ActiveO is, unlike other powders, it will continue to kill indefinitely unless it becomes wet or is swept away.


ActiveO Bedbug and Insect Killer with Diatomaceous Earth Powder is one of our best-selling powders as it offers great value and long-term killing of bedbugs and other insects.


Bedbugs can be a menace, reducing your quality of sleep, thereby posing long-term health problems. ActiveO Bedbug and Insect Killer with Diatomaceous Earth Powder will eliminate bedbugs from your home completely within 8-12 weeks. Bedbugs can be a menace, reducing your quality of sleep, thereby posing long-term health problems. 


Facts About Bedbugs


  • Bedbug presence doesn't mean you are dirty. Bedbugs thrive in clean and dirty places.
  • Bedbugs can survive over 6 months without feeding.
  • Bedbugs lay between 200 - 250 eggs in their lifetime.
  • Bedbug eggs hatch between 7-14 days and the nymphs immediately seek blood meals.
  • Bedbugs can lay 5 eggs in one day.
  • Bedbug bites can lead to anxiety, sleeplessness, and even secondary infections
  • over centuries, Bedbugs have grown resistance to regular insecticides.
  • Thanks to pesticide resistance, your regular cans of spray at your local hardware store simply will not rid your home of bedbugs.


Applying ActiveO Powder


  • Read Safety instruction on the packaging and adhere to it.
  • Remove all clutter from the infected area/room
  • Vacuum vigorously and thoroughly
  • Remove all bedding and wash with hot water and dry with high heat
  • Dismantle bed frame and dust ALL nooks and crannies with ActiveO bedbug powder.
  • Dust mattress with ActiveO bedbug powder using a paint brush
  • Treat open, infested areas (like bedrooms) with ActiveO
  • Treat cracks and crevices by puffing ActiveO powder into openings.
  • Between the carpeting and baseboards or cracks.
  • Dismantle wall socket faceplates and dusting powder in all 4 corners
  • Dust Inside deep cracks of furniture
  • Behind stoves and refrigerator
  • Repeated insecticide application within 1-2 weeks may be required to kill bed bugs that later hatch from eggs, along with those that may have been missed during earlier treatment.
  • Do not panic if you see bedbugs weeks after starting treatment, simply kill it and reapply ActiveO to the infested area. 



Thoroughly vacuum all 6 sides of mattresses. Vacuum all cracks and crevices within the furniture of the bed and nearby electrical outlets, baseboards and floors prior to treatment. Empty the vacuum contents into a plastic bag and discard in trash


Treating Bed

Apply ActiveO to the 6 sides of the mattress and spread it by use of a paint brush. Ensure to get powder into the seams and sewing around the edges of the mattress.

When stripping beds during a bed bug treatment, pull the sheets carefully so as not to dislodge eggs or drop bedbugs onto the floor where they may be missed by other treatments. Accidental spread of bed bugs can also be prevented by bagging the bedding as it is moved to the laundry.

Ensure to keep bed away from walls, and not allow beddings touch the floor after treatment. Ensure that bedbugs that climb back get a touch of ActiveO by treating the bed's legs with ActiveO powder, applying with a paint brush.

Using Mattress encasements

Enclosing your mattress is an integral step in the treatment process for two reasons: First, they ensure that the powder stays locked in to kill all bedbugs. Second, they reduce the areas where bed bugs can hide nearest to you. Water-resistant, tight-weave fabric prevents the entry of even the smallest bed bug.


Around Room

Coat a layer of dust underneath and behind appliances, furniture, doorways, windowsills and other hiding places throughout your kitchen and living areas. And if you see any insects while you’re applying, make sure you sprinkle ActiveO directly on them for further benefit. Don’t forget to apply in nooks and crannies of ceilings, basements, and garages as these places are known hotspots that many crawling insects love to hide in. you'd typically require 500g to adequately treat your room.




Key Features


  • Kills bedbugs indefinitely, as long as kept dry.
  • Scientifically proven to kill bedbugs.
  • Odorless and doesn’t leave stains.
  • Easy to do it yourself, don't pay over the top for fumigation.
  • Can be used on mattresses and between the seams of living room sofas and furniture.
  • All-natural product, bedbugs cannot get resistant, unlike other insecticides.
  • Long Lasting, kills newly hatched bedbugs after weeklong egg incubation.
  • Will eliminate bedbugs completely if used appropriately over adequate time. 
  • Usable in spaces sprays cannot be used like around stoves, refrigerators, electrical socket box, and around valuable personal items.


What’s in the box

ActiveO Bedbug Killer Resealable pack


  • Product Line: Chris Active Co
  • Model: New Improved
  • Weight (kg): 0.5
  • Certifications: Eco Friendly|Organic
  • Main Material: Powder
  • Area of Use: Living Room|Dining Room|Bedroom|Bathroom|Kitchen|Home Office|Kids Room|Nursery|Entry & Hallway|Garden|Outdoor
  • From the Manufacturer: Tough on Bedbugs
  • Care Label: Keep out of reach of childrenSee product label for usage instructions.
  • Shop Type: Jumia Mall

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Product Ratings (34)

3.8 out of 5

34 ratings

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5 out of 5

it works for perfect

There's no more bed bug in my room, I love the product, keep it up

01-12-2021by Godwin
Verified Purchase
5 out of 5

its perfect

It will take some time, bit it works very well

05-11-2021by Adebisi
Verified Purchase
5 out of 5

Great product

I intentionally took time before reviewing this product to ensure it works. I have applied this product in the last one month and I have not see any bedbug moving around my bed as usual. This product works well.

04-11-2021by Samuel
Verified Purchase
ActiveO Bedbug And Insect Killer With Diatomaceous Earth 500g

ActiveO Bedbug And Insect Killer With Diatomaceous Earth 500g

₦ 4,500

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