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A towel is a material that absorbs wetness, it is thick in nature and its primary purpose is to dry off wetness from a person ’s hands, face, body or any type of surface. It could also be referred to as an iota of a fabric or a material which is absorbent in nature(i.e it absorbs any form of liquid). A baby towel is a towel used by a mother to dry her baby after a bath. Some mothers have different towels for their babies, a face towel for their baby’s face and another towel for their baby’s body. A baby’s robe could be seen as what mothers wear on their babies to keep them warm and can also be used as play around the house. Baby towels are very essential as they help to keep them warm as fast as possible after a bath and they also help regulate the temperature of a baby, it helps to dry a baby’s hair which reduces the risk of being exposed to cold. There so many types of baby towels like the apron baby bath towel, cuddledry towel, hooded baby towel, hands-free baby towel, hydro cotton baby towel, snuggle hooded wrap towel and so on.

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At Jumia, we offer you several types of baby towels and robes like the Dual-layer Muslin Cotton Gauze Scarf Baby Towels Newborn Baby Swaddling Towel Breathable Blanket For Baby. You can choose from the variety available on our platform.

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