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Train your Child with Suitable Products

Children are God’s blessing, treating them with love and care is necessary. From baby diapers to training pants to grown-up toilet we have to train children in every phase of their life until they become adults. In baby’s first four years parents have to spend desirable amount of time as well as money to bring in supplies to keep their babies happy and healthy. Parents spend from diapers to cleansing wipes, changing pads to training pants, potty chairs to stools, they buy everything they can which would be the best for their child. Because there are many different types of brands available, choosing becomes difficult. To assist parents in shopping for potty training equipment, Jumia Nigeria has released its guidance. This can help parents decide products which are suitable for their kids. The first step is to determine what your child’s needs are, researching for different types of equipment you can buy, other accessories you need along with that and also read the potty training techniques for better understanding. Choose whatever you consider will be comfortable for you and your child, be your child’s potty trainer yourself.

Toilet Training Items

Below are the products which can help you in your child’s toilet training;

Potty Chairs

Toilets are scary for many children when they are in growing years therefore, potty chairs are the alternative which you can have instead. Potty chairs are small, free-standing, and portable usually made up of plastic with a removable reservoir for your child to poop or pee. It is recommended to buy these chairs which feature their favourite cartoons or movie characters so, they sit on it happily. Play songs to divert their mind and cheer them up. Potty chairs are suitable for children between 12-18 months old.

Potty Seats

After using potty chairs, now your child might easily adapt to potty seat. A potty seat is a plastic seat that fits over the regular toilet seat, to make sitting easy by reducing the opening. These baby toilet seats are easy to carry, portable, foldable so makes it easy for parents as well. Age range is from 2-5 years. If it is difficult for your child to get on it, keep a wooden or a plastic step near to it.

Step Stools

These allow children to reach to the regular sized adult seats. Step stools can also be used by children in order to use wash basins. These step tools have a rough texture which prevents slipping.

Potty Training CDs and Books

There are books and CDs available which can assist your child and train them by just watching them. These are important training products you can buy to make it easy for you along with kid’s potty chairs. Understand that there will be difficulties which you might have to face in order to train your child for potty. Potty training can be an intimidating experience and messy, so these books and CDs can also help you. Get everything which you need for training your child, from Jumia at discounted rate.