What is Device Protection Plan?

Device Protection Plan (DPP) provided by AXA Mansard is an affordable device insurance plan offered in collaboration with Jumia. It is a simple and convenient way for customer to access an affordable device protection plan after purchasing a phone or tablet from Jumia.

What is covered under the DPP?
AXA Mansard provides insurance cover for the device in event of accidental damages to your device
  • AXA Mansard will pay up to 30% of the cost of device in the event that the screen of your phone is cracked
  • AXA Mansard will pay up to 40% of the cost of your device in the event that your device is damaged as a result of accidentally coming into contact with any liquid

How do you charge for shipping?

The premium payable is dependent on the cost of the device. There are various premium payable on different Device price bands.

Below are the various device bands and the premium payable:

Start Price End Price Premium Price of Insurance Tier
0 20000 5.00% 1000 1
20001 22000 5.00% 1100 2
22001 26000 5.00% 1300 3
26001 30000 5.00% 1500 4
30001 34000 5.00% 1700 5
34001 38000 5.00% 1900 6
38001 42000 5.00% 2100 7
42001 50000 5.00% 2500 8
50001 60000 5.00% 3000 9
60001 70000 5.00% 3500 10
70001 80000 5.00% 4000 11
80001 90000 5.00% 4500 12
90001 100000 5.00% 5000 13
100001 150000 5.00% 7500 14
150001 200000 5.00% 10000 15
200001 250000 5.00% 12500 16

What is NOT covered under the DPP?
The policy would not cover repairs or any other costs for the following:
  • Cleaning, inspection or routine servicing
  • Loss or damage resulting from a manufacturers defect or recall of the mobile phone.
  • Any repairs carried out without prior authorization
  • Wear and tear to the mobile phones and/or gradual deterioration of performance
  • Cosmetic Damage
  • Mobile Phones manufactured wholly or partially from precious metals, stones or crystals
  • Any expense incurred as a result of not being able to use the Device, or any cost other than the cost of repair of the damaged screen.
  • Reconnection or subscription fees of any kind
  • Any loss occasioned through the willful act of the insured or any other person with the knowledge or connivance of the insured
  • Damage to any accessory

  • Can I buy device protection alone?

    No. You can ONLY buy device protection if you are buying alongside a device. Your order will be cancelled if you buy device protection alone.

    When do I receive my policy documents? Is it upon delivery of the device?

    Once you purchase a device from Jumia, you would be contacted by an AXA Mansard representative who would give you a call to ask for further details. The policy documents would be issued 2-3 days after.

    How soon do I get my claim paid?

    Claims are not paid to you. To allow you make a claim without stress, all you required to do is take your device to a partner repair center and pick it up after repairs are effected.

    How many times can I make a claim?

    You are entitled to one claim per damage. One claim for a Screen damage and another for liquid damage. After this, cover is exhausted and the policy lapses.

    How do I make a claim?

    Once a claim arises, you can either contact AXA Mansard or Jumia and you will be directed to our partner repair centers to get your device repaired. You can also walk-in directly to the offices of the repair partners.

    How does a Device protection plan differ from a warranty?

    Manufacturer’s warranties are limited in the types of breakdowns they cover, as well as in their duration. In fact, some manufacturer’s warranties are as short as 90 days. Manufacturer’s warranties mainly cover manufacturer’s fault. And for portable electronics, such as tablets and laptops, our device protection plan include coverage for Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH), such as drops, spills and cracked screens, which occur during the normal use of the product beginning on the date of purchase. That’s protection that manufacturers don’t offer.

    Are the terms and conditions for my DPP protection plan online?

    A copy of the Terms and Conditions will also be sent to your email address upon purchase of the policy.

    Do I pay a deductible when I have a claim?
    No, you are not required to pay a deductible. However, AXA Mansard’s liability is limited to:
    • Screen Damage: 30% of price of device as at purchase
    • Water Damage: 40% of price of device as at purchase

    Can I get deductible discounts if I have no claims?

    No, there are no discounts on this cover.

    Are the terms and conditions for my DPP protection plan online?

    A copy of the Terms and Conditions will also be sent to your email address upon purchase of the policy.

    Is there a waiting period before I can file a claim?

    No, there is no waiting period. The Device Protection plan covers your device at any time within the policy year (One year) subject to a maximum of two claims (one water damage, one screen damage)

    Can I claim for liquid and accidental damage in one claim?

    Yes, both claims can be made once. However, the insurance cover lapses after such claim.

    How fast can I get my device once I submit a claim?

    A maximum duration of 2 weeks from the day the device was dropped off for repair. This is greatly affected by the availability of repair parts.

    Does my insurance cover theft?

    No, the Device Protection Plan strictly covers Damage to your device occasioned by Screen or water damage.

    How do I find insurance on Jumia?

    To buy insurance on Jumia, click in the category tree. Click on “Other Categories” => Services => Insurance. From here, you can choose to purchase any of the insurance packages.

    You can also search on the Jumia website for “Insurance” or “Axa Mansard Insurance” or “Jumia Insurance” or the type of insurance package you are looking for. E.g. “Life Insurance”, “Car Insurance”, etc.

    How do I buy insurance on Jumia?

    You can add insurance to cart, select the units you want to buy, pay with your card and checkout. Please note you are not able to pay with Cash on Delivery for insurance. The amount of units of insurance you purchase should depend on the number of cars, for example, you are insuring. E.g. If you buy 1 unit for car third party insurance, it means you are buying for 1 car.

    Does Jumia directly provide insurance policy?

    Jumia is in partnership with Axa Mansard Insurance PLC to provide insurance policy for retail to its esteemed customers. When you buy insurance on Jumia, your payment will be received and verified by Jumia. Upon confirmation, your details (name, phone number, email address) will be forwarded to Axa Mansard for insurance certificate to be issued to you.

    After I buy insurance on Jumia, when does Axa Mansard contact me?

    Axa Mansard will contact you in 2-3 days once your payment has been confirmed by Jumia.

    What are the Terms & Conditions for buying insurance?

    Terms and conditions vary across insurance packages. Please refer to the product description page to view all available T&Cs.

    Can I cancel my insurance policy?

    Yes, you are able to cancel your policy within 24 hours of purchase. Once payment is confirmed and your details have been transferred to Axa Mansard, you need to contact Axa Mansard for cancellation.

    Can I pay cash on delivery?

    At the moment, we are only able to accept pre-payments for all insurance packages.

    When do I receive my insurance certificate?

    Axa Mansard will issue your certificate of insurance in 2-3 days after you have provided all necessary information.

    How do I make a claim?
    1. Notify Axa Mansard via email, phone number, letter, or by using the “help” on website
      Email - [email protected]
      Phone Number - 01-2701561-5
      Letter - Attention – Claims Care Unit, Axa Mansard Insurance PLC, Plot 1412, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
    2. Claim is validated by Axa Mansard
    3. Claim is processed
    4. You are paid/indemnified

    How soon can I get my claim paid?

    Axa Mansard will pay all claims in minimum of 48 hours. This is dependent on how fast you are able to provide Axa Mansard all the required information to process your claim.

    I am no longer interested in purchasing insurance. How do I return?

    There is no return policy on insurance. Once Axa Mansard has issued a certificate of insurance, you cannot return. However, you may wish to transfer the beneficiary of your policy to someone else.

    Does Jumia transfer my details to Axa Mansard?

    Yes. Jumia sends to Axa Mansard your basic details like Name, Phone No, Email address. Jumia does not share your account details and password are securely protected.