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Buy Samsung Top and Front Loader Washers and Dryers in Nigeria

The breakdown of an old washing machine is undeniably one of the most distressing things for all of us and a new washing machine is something we don’t go out to buy out of excitement. Once we buy a washing machine, we’ll have to use the same for at least 5 years or more. Therefore to pick the right Samsung washing machine model, we need to know about the general specifications of modern washing machines. Jumia Nigeria is here to take you through all the key features of washing machines to help find the one that suits your needs:

Size and Type of Machine

Washing machines are of various types and come in many different sizes so you must know the type and size that can completely fulfill your needs. As regards the type of machine, you’ll have to see your requirements whereas size matters on the number of clothes you require cleaning at a time and the available space for keeping it. In order to avoid future inconvenience, you should measure the available space carefully. When it comes to common types of washing machines, there are under-counter models, front-loading washers, traditional top-loading washers, high efficiency (HE) top-loading washers and many more. So, you need to choose the type of machine that best fulfills your needs.

Drum Size

While you pick washing machine for you, there’s a need to consider the drum size which is usually quoted in KGs. The drum size tells you the maximum weight of dry washing you may fit in. For instance, a typical household would be ok with a machine that has 6kgs drum size, however, having 8kgs would be an added advantage. A machine with larger drum size would be more efficient than the one with a smaller drum.

Energy consumption

The washing machines with higher energy consumption are not really popular among people so there is a need to buy energy efficient washing machines. They not only save your electricity bills but are also more reliable than those that consume high energy. You should make sure that you check EU Energy Label on the machine while you buy it. There are many washing machines that offer energy efficiency.

Spin speed The spin speed of a washing machine is measured in RPMs and is one of the key factors that determine the quality and usability of a washing machine. The faster the speed is, the more water is expelled from the clothes making it possible to get the best results. The economical washing machines have a spin speed of around 1100 RPM whereas those with speed from 1400 RPMs to 1600 RPMs are top performers. Wash Modes One of the most important things, when you purchase a washing machine, is to check for the wash modes it offers. The wash mode is changed every time you wash your clothes depending on the type of clothes you are washing. For instance, selecting Silk Wash would help you wash delicate items whereas Wool Wash and Hand Wash setting can help you get the nasty clothes done. The anti-creasing and easy-ironing modes are also a great choice for saving your precious time. Whether you are seeking a whirlpool washing machine or a simple dryer machine Jumia is your one-stop destination for online washing machines in Nigeria. Besides, you may also check for washing machine prices in Nigeria via Jumia’s latest listings from the country’s most trusted sellers.