Jumia Anniversary: #YouMakeUsJumia - Jumia is 5!

Wow...It has been 5 wonderful years already. We have been working tirelessly to build the best, safest and secure online shopping platform in Nigeria. No doubt about it been challenging but we rose to the task, surpassed every test and bottleneck that came our way but we realized all these won’t be possible without our customers hence, You Make Us. This year we are celebrating our 5 years journey with you and have decided to spoil you with the best deals ever in Jumia history. With each passing day, we want to make at least one of you smile with our amazing ₦30,000 voucher. Not only that, this voucher can be won by anyone starting from June 19th to July 13th. There are other amazing gifts and discounts to be enjoyed from the first day of our anniversary down to the last. This is by far the biggest online shopping celebration in Nigeria. We also have the Jumia secret party where you get 30% discount on all products you buy on Jumia. To be a part of this, all you need to do is stay logged on to any of this Jumia channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter, and App with each having their own dates respectively to obtain the 7 secret characters that will qualify you for the Jumia Secret Party. Take a spin on the Wheel of Fortune where you can win voucher codes. The voucher codes are valid from July 3rd to July 9th. All you need to do is spin once per day and come use your voucher codes to shop on the stated validation dates. Because YouMakeUsJumia, we want you to feel our love and appreciation for taking this journey with us. Don’t miss this great opportunity.