The following restrictions will be enforcing on all advertisers:

These conditions apply to all publishers who take part in the Jumia Affiliate program and make use of the creatives through the Commission Junction Network.

1. Content and Activity on the Partners Website

We would like to make it absolutely clear that the use of the trademarked name “Jumia” and its typos and misspellings as a keyword in SEM campaigns is strictly prohibited. In the event of a breach, all sales will be canceled immediately and the partnership terminated immediately. We reserve the right to legal action, should a breach of the Trademark or copyright occur. We do not accept illegal, violent, erotic content, or the content involving the violation of third parties on the partner websites. The publisher is prohibited to use PostView and/or the use of iframes, layers, pop-ups, pop-unders. Paid Mailing "so-called click coercion" is also prohibited. You are required to keep the content relating to Jumia factual and up to date. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to check the affiliate links on our website.


From your page on our website and within the next 30 days leading to a sale, unless the cookie is not overwritten by another one of our other partners click cookies. As a publisher you will receive your commission only if the sale comes through the network and publisher of the "last cookie wins" logic. Furthermore, we will cancel any orders that were canceled by the customer. We provide different commission levels for several segments. Our commission structure is as follows:

  • .Electronics (Mobile Phones, Electronics in general, Home Appliances) 3%
  • Toys/Kids 5%
  • Fashion 9%
  • Beauty 9%
  • Books 9%

  • 3.Contract Changes

    We reserve the right to change the regulation and provision of this Agreement at any time. You will be notified of any such changes per email. If you do not agree with any changes to the terms and conditions you still have the chance to terminate the partnership. Your continued partnership to the program, after the date of the changes, means you accept the new terms. We will inform you of the legal changes per email.


    Should any part of these terms be wholly or partially invalid, the remaining terms shall not be affected.

    5.Restrictions of the advertiser

  • No Post-View (Only post click cookies)
  • No iFrame (involvement)
  • No pop under / no pop up
  • No Site-Under
  • No Layer
  • No pornography
  • No parse of our website
  • No discriminatory representation of persons
  • No abusive, erotic, extremist, radical-political content or content unsuitable for adolescents
  • NO SEM – especially no brand bidding
  • No torrent traffic
  • NO SEO

  • Upon Request
  • Facebook Pages, Social Media Marketing
  • Bonus Programs
  • Incentivized Traffic (Virtual Currency)
  • Emailer

  • The violation of any of these restrictions leads to the cancelation of the generated sales.