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Welcome to TuFang shop
It belongs to the shop beauty category, and beauty and beauty products can be found here.
The term beauty can be understood from two angles. The first is the word "Rong", followed by "beauty". "Rong" includes the three meanings of face, manners, and modification. "Beauty" has two meanings of adjective and verb. Adjectives indicate that the result and purpose of beauty are beautiful and beautiful; verbs indicate the process of beauty, that is, the meaning of beautification and change.
Therefore, simply talking about beauty is a way to change the original bad behaviors and diseases (faces), to make them civilized, high-quality, and have an acceptable appearance. There are activities and processes, or use for this purpose. Products and methods.
Beauty breathing method, also known as Huxian Suyun, Li Yan Jue, Hong Yan Su. It is the unspoken breathing beauty method of the stars in the entertainment industry. The method is simple and easy to learn, and the method is as follows: inhale through the nose, down to the lungs, and then exhale from the mouth. Sniffing and exhaling, hundreds of times a day, can make people look radiant. It is the secret of beauty and breathing often used by handsome men. The secret of beauty and breathing, absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and nourish the essence of the human body. Unisex, regardless of age, beauty knows it.
In the past, most of the men who wanted to start a business were men, but from the survey of joining the entrepreneurial exhibition, it was found that the ratio of women to men who wanted to start a business had jumped to 1:1. Women’s increased willingness to start a business is also due to the fact that many women have seen "makeup care", "slimming beauty" and other business opportunities specifically for their same sex, in addition to other factors. Women's "beauty industry" has great opportunities to make money. Women who might care about a dollar or two when buying vegetables, but they spend no mercy to make themselves more beautiful. In particular, concepts such as makeup care and slimming beauty are constantly being promoted through the mass media, which has almost aroused every The natural desire of a woman to love beauty has also stimulated the rise of the female beauty industry.
According to the statistics of the industry association, the beauty industry market in China is about 300 billion yuan per year, and the beauty economy is increasing at an average annual rate of 15%, and the rate of growth far exceeds the growth rate of GDP. High profits, huge market, and countless new beauty products, high-tech care equipment, and high-tech slimming equipment are launched every year, bringing huge business opportunities to the beauty industry.
The "Annual Report on China's Beauty Economy" pointed out: China's "beauty economy" is becoming the "fifth largest consumption hotspot" of Chinese residents after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism.
Purchase Notes1. Note: Please consult customer service before purchasing, whether it is suitable for use. If you do not consult customer service to confirm the purchase, it is not suitable for use and does not support returns.
2. Pay attention to the store to receive coupons before purchasing!
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/Product Description:Color: A, BWhether to import: NoModel: 5192Specifications: normal specificationsShelf life: 36 monthsIngredients: Multivitamins/

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Key Features

  • Color: A, B
  • Whether to import: No
  • Model: 5192
  • Specifications: normal specifications
  • Shelf life: 36 months
  • Ingredients: Multivitamins


  • Model: MZ504
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 20X15X10
  • Weight (kg): 0.1
  • Color: Pink
  • Main Material: N/A

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