JIMs Big Thing

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JIMs Big Thing

Yes, it will be a Phone.

How do I know?
I was hiding in the room where the phone was presented. I could not see, but i could hear. Everyone seemed to be absolutely impressed by its design and its massive screen.

That's all i got to understand. They also said more info will be released on their social media channels.

Now i don't know about you... but i followed them all.
can't wait to be able to pre-order it

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What is JIM's Big Thing?

Have you heard? Something BIG is coming to you soon…The biggest Online Retailer - Jumia, Top Phone Company - Infinix and Telecom giant - MTN are coming up with the Jumia Infinix MTN big thing and are allying forces together to bring the biggest launch this year. Jumia is well-known for delivering quality products to Nigerians and is always in the fore front for the next BIG thing. Infinix on the other hand has wowed people in recent times with their amazing range of products while MTN is synonymous to innovative ideas so this awesome alliance is sure to deliver something very exciting. Be ready for an extraordinary thing is coming…Stay Tuned!!!

Jumia's Big Thing

This year promises to be a sensational one with the knowledge that these three top brands and coming together to bring something exciting. It is going to be more that you can ever imagine so keep your fingers crossed. What is in store for you is going to blow your mind away…Anticipate for it promises to be absolutely special. This is what top brands are all about, ensuring that you get the best at all times. Jumia, MTN and Infinix are going to take the word “launch” to a whole new level with this exciting offer. It is going to be the biggest surprise of the year… Sit Tight!!!