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Get 3D Glasses to have Ultimate Viewing Experience

How would you feel when the images you see on the screen appear right in front of you? No doubt the experience would be exciting and unforgettable. The 3D technology works like, birds may seem to fly off the screen at your eyes in a realistic way. This effect is due to the technology called stereoscopy. In which two similar images are projected from different angles. Human eyes on an average are two inches apart, which means each eye sees a different image from a different perspective. 3D movies work on this rule. However to watch 3D movies we require special glasses made for these movies. Without the glasses, 3D images will appear fuzzy and out of balance. 3D glasses in Nigeria are very popular because people now are buying 3D television sets for their homes as well. So they would need accessories which are compatible with their 3D televisions. There are different ways in which these 3D glasses work with a film. Some glasses require different colored lenses and other are polarized or tint. These glasses are used at theaters and now at home for 3D television systems. With the progress of technology, several video gaming systems are also using these 3D methods to give players an extraordinary experience.

Types of 3D Glasses

There is a number of available types of 3D glasses which employs a variety of technologies. Two main types are active and passive 3D glasses;

Active 3D Glasses

Active 3d glasses operated by a shutter system and active users interact with a display itself. These glasses can be battery powered or hardwired to display the system. Shutter system in active 3d glasses works by displaying an image on one lens and darkening the opposite lens. This process continues and switched back and forth. This process is so rapid that users never notice the switching. Active 3D glasses are used for video gaming, watching movies which support 3D systems.

Passive 3D Glasses

These glasses don’t interact with the display and work in different ways. There are several different types of passive glasses that buyers can get. Polarized 3D glasses that work on polarization technology to manufacture 3D glasses. Passive 3D glasses are low in price as compared to other 3D glasses prices. There are interference filter systems which use different wavelengths from which 3D image is produced. These virtual glasses have different colored wavelengths for every side of the lens. For the left eye red, blue and green wavelengths while the right has green, red blue. These work in process to create a 3D effect. The last type of passive glasses is a color anaglyph system which are almost the first 3D glasses to be introduced in movie cinema. Now buyers can buy 3D glasses online at Jumia, which is an online marketplace, selling almost every type of television accessories including these 3D glasses. Prices are kept low in order to please our loyal customers. Visit now and enjoy special discounts and offers, get hold of your own 3D glasses to have an ultimate viewing experience.