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Customers love JUMIA

What trend in 2014 does Jumia and Social Media have in common? That's easy; it is that for most Nigerians it was hard to imagine a life without both. This past year it is safe to say that Nigerians got just as hashtag crazy as they got online shopping savvy! The emerging marriage between 21st century companies and social media is one that can best be described in one word as valuable and in 2014 Jumia led the way when it came to the use of social media as a driving tool for business and some excitement.

Jumia social media serves as a tool where we interphase with our customers, and they can get access to the best deals, immediate customer service, information on new products/brands and quality retail information.

2014 was an explosive year for Jumia in terms of milestones achieved, records surpassed and awards, Jumia’s influence in social media was not left out in this ascendancy. Asides bagging awards such as the "Best Utilizer of Social Media" amongst others, Jumia went on to hit over 1 million fans on Facebook! Perhaps to fully comprehend this landmark you might need to know that Jumia now currently has more fans than one of Nigeria’s most loved and biggest music sensation, Wizkid!

Jumia also set the twitter world abuzz as it was a trending topic on numerous occasions during the course of the year, of note was the recent Black Friday shopping event which Jumia.com introduced to Nigerian customers. In summation Jumia sent tongues wagging more times than the El Classico and the countless celebrity break ups had managed to do!

Nigeria’s number one online retail store also made it a point to recognize their esteemed customers throughout the year; customers who were singled out by criteria such as most active customer on social media, most delightful customer as voted for by customer service, student who flew the Jumia flag the most on campus and more!

Afam Anyika, the Head of Offline Marketing, "Some call them fans, some call them followers, but we have always known them to be friends and family, an integral part of our business. Everybody who liked, shared, commented and retweeted helped make 2014 a truly remarkable year for us! As we enter into a new year we promise to continue to mirror the attention and affection we have always gotten from every one of our friends or fans on social media and stay commited to feeling each pulse, providing quality customer service and retail information"

Join Jumia on its various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus) to be in for what would be a very exciting year in 2015!

Watch the Jumia 1 million fans and customer of the month video!