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Women all around the world have different body type which is because of shape and size. Every woman is beautiful in their own skin and body but sometimes, it gets uncomfortable for many of us to wear certain kinds of lingerie. Clothes nowadays are designed in such a way that they reveal women’s curves. These prominent curves gets uncomfortable when they bulge out for many of the ladies. Which is why to end this all problem women wear lingerie. It helps them maintain a smooth body shape. Items such as bras, shapewear, camisoles, slips, panties and much more come in the category of lingerie. There is a whole world of lingerie items to be explored.

Types of Lingerie


Camisoles are designed to look like a woman’s sleeveless undershirt, vest or tank. This piece of lingerie is quite popular among the women nowadays. A camisole may be plain, laced or trimmed. Some camisoles feature an elastic bra attached so it allows women to wear shirts without a bra.

Under Pants

Panties are worn for modesty, protection and also for hygienic purposes. Many styles are available, some are decorative, laced or plain. There are many types such as; thongs, briefs, high cut briefs, G-strings, bikini and much more. Select according to your size and comfort. Buying lingerie online allows buyers to view the type before purchasing.


It’s a short form for brassier are the breast supporters. There are several types and styles bras available such as; balconette, demi cup, full coverage, mastectomy, minimizer, nursing, push up, plunge, sports or athletic, and strapless... Choose the one which will be suitable wearing under your attire. Get a comfortable bra because if it isn’t, it can irritate you quite a lot. Proper sizing is another important aspect to be aware of before buying.


A slip is worn underneath dresses which are see through. Slips can also add a layer of warmth and eliminate static effects. There are two types of slips available, half-slip and full-slip.

Women Shapewear

Corsets are original shapewear, which transforms your awkward bulges into smooth fits. Other than these bras and girdles are also thought to come under the shapewear category. This helps to alter the body shape with varies structured undergarments which makes wearing an attire above it comfortable. Modern shapewear doesn’t only make it comfortable but looks natural under clothing. Top five women body shapers are; bodysuit, briefs, shaping tops, slip shapers and waist cincher.