Here at Jumia, we celebrate International Women's Day by recognizing the exceptional roles women play in families, workplaces and the society at large. We are committed to improving gender parity and encouraging all women employees to make their way to the top in the corporate hierarchy as well as excelling in every sphere of their lives.

Did you know?

  • The Jumia J-Force programme is currently reaching out to disadvantaged women to support their financial independence; the programme now comprises 16,000 women, majority of which are not formally employed, or are stay-at-home mothers.

  • The program aims at empowering and enriching entrepreneurs-to-be with the full support of an established brand. Women now represent 34% of the J-Force programme.

  • Jumia promotes small women entrepreneurs through its seller center: we offer them a distribution platform and trainings which will help them grow their business.


International Women's Day 2017 on Jumia - #JumiaPledgeforParity

Women are the most powerful and influential beings on the surface of the earth, their first assignment which is to give birth to life makes them highly productive and resourceful. Today we find them actively involved in all spheres of life. They are found in almost every discipline, and leadership positions you can ever think of, contributing new approaches to leadership and at work - transforming power play. So it’s okay to say that today's women hold the globe in their hands. Here at Jumia, we celebrate international women’s day by recognizing the roles women play and their instincts to make it big in the corporate world. More so, we wish to reiterate on this special occasion our commitment to gender parity endearing all women employees to make their way to the top in the corporate hierarchy and inspiring every woman to be self-reliant, emotionally strong hoping they derive joy, happiness and laughter in everything they do in their homes and professions. Happy International Women’s Day from Jumia Nigeria.