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Treat yourself to a spa treatment just by shopping on Jumia for Spa and Beauty services. People go to the spa to lose weight, relieve stress, and treat themselves or just to get in shape. With spa equipment like the foot massager available to you on Jumia, you can pamper your feet anytime you choose and revitalize it using the deep massage therapy. You are guaranteed of getting a soothing and calming feel. There are also body massagers that will alleviate any pain or ache on the neck, waistline, shoulder and arm. You can restore vigour and vitality back to your body using any of our wide variety of spa equipment from top brands such as: Forever Living, Mymi, Eveline cosmetics and more. Treat yourself to a relaxing time by shopping for Health products on Jumia and enjoy ourpay on delivery option.

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Discover a large selection of spa equipment on Jumia that will help relax your body after a long and stressful day. We have made it easy for you to have a healthy body without having to go out of your comfort zone. You can stimulate your body and relax your muscles using the infrared massager that is available to you on our online store. Being fit is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it helps boost ones immunity and reduce stress hormone levels. on Jumia you can find various fitness equipment. Our Spa equipment are guaranteed to relieve pains in your body whether it is a migraine, chronic headache or muscular pain.